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NiB / Blog

Living with a BassGuitar

Another day, another day at work, not the kind the BassGuitar wants, the kind that makes cash money, without travelling back roads, smoky taverns and its like.

After work, its commute, not the kind that take you to a cool stage anywhere, just home where a lovely wife and loving kids salutes you when you bring home the bacon, in the house that takes most of the bacon.

Then its night time and the lovely wife and the loving kids are all tucked in. The BassGuitar rumbles, its not happy. its been sitting in the darkness since now many days of endless loving bacon bringing life and loving tucking...

The BassGuitar now has center stage and stopped the rumble. It is clay now, it can be shaped and molded into all sorts of sound shapes...

The BassGuitar had its turn, the worn-out, shaking hands puts it down, Its quiet now. It is time to go to bed.

Now I sneak outside, on a porch somewhere where the moon is mellow, yellow and faint. Its time for me alone, I miss them all, the loving wife, the loving kids and the BassGuitar, but I am beat-up like an old car that ran out of gas. Nite nite.....