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Tracklist revealed for new album 'The Coils of Apollyon'

Kryptos have revealed the tracklist for their third upcoming album The Coils of Apollyon. The recording of the album, which began in early March, was completed during the first week of April and is scheduled for release sometime during the fall of 2011 and will be mixed and mastered by Anupam Roy at Grey Studios, New Delhi.

The full tracklist is as follows:

The Mask of Anubis Spellcraft Serpent Mage Visions of Dis The Isle of Voices The Coils of Apollyon Nexus Legion Starfall Eternal Crimson Spires

Acclaimed underground artist Mark Riddick is the man behind the stunning cover art, which can be viewed below and at the bands official website www.kryptosindia.com

Said frontman Nolan Lewis about the new album ‘Anyone who loves eighties melodic metal that’s rough around the edges will absolutely foam at the mouth once they get their hands on this. We’ve gone for a clear yet raw and heavy production so don’t expect anything ‘modern’ here. This definitely sounds like it was spat out from 1988. If you love Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Kreator and Coroner this will be right up your alley.

Keep the old school alive.



Finally the day of reckoning has arrived and what a sweet day it is. After many weeks of endless planning, sleepless nights (and days), hundreds of sheets of mind numbing mathematical calculations and budgeting, weathering the journey to and from the German consulate, bearing with the ridiculous heat in Chennai and general all round anxiety we have finally received our visas to go to Europe.

This will be the first cross country tour of Europe by any Indian metal band ever. Our good friends in Demonic Resurrection and Scribe opened the door with their performances at the Inferno Festival in Norway but now we’re going to jam our entire torso through that opening.

Our tour begins on the 5th of July at the Rockmaraton Festival in Hungary where we will be playing alongside the likes of Blaze Bayley, Ensiferum, Primordial and Mayhem. It’s going to be 6 days of utter and absolute debauchery, Magyar style.

After that we make jump into a van and make our way to Frankfurt where our mini tour with Brazilian thrashers Torture Squad begins at Nachtleben. From there we head to the Pitch Black club in Cologne and then on to Die Rohre in Stuttgart where we will also be playing with Casket, Requiem and others. And if that wasn’t heady enough we then travel to the beautiful country of Switzerland for the last date of our tour where we will perform at the Rocktown club and hopefully mow down some Bollywood celebrities along the way (only the men of course).

The icing on the cake will of course come when we attend the Wacken Open Air festival as special guests of the organizers and hopefully this will lead to us performing there sometime in the future. But for the time being we’re just going to have a total blast.

This tour is going to be one for the ages. Whether it turns out to be a resounding success or we come back with egg on our faces it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day it’s up to us to grab the bull by the horns and make things happen.

It’s been almost 12 long years and we’ve been through unimaginable bullshit to get to where we are now but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve never once compromised on our ideals or our music to get where we are and that’s something we’re damn proud of.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts of our manager Salman Syed who spents endless hours burning the midnight oil making sure things fell into place.We tip our mugs to him.

We’d also like to thank Avelli Glow for all her help behind the scenes and Prasad Bhat and Diwakar Das for the fantastic website, which tipped the scales in our favour.

A huge round of thanks to our friends in Europe who were instrumental in making this happen. Hansy, Mihaela and Enno, you guys are the best.

Finally we’d like to thank everyone who supported us throughout the years and who come to our gigs and bang their heads to our music. You know who you are and we salute you.

Hopefully that stupid volcano will shut its trap until we get back.

Cheers everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kryptos European Invasion Tour 2010

The Kryptos European Invasion Tour 2010 is taking shape. The following festival dates have been confirmed.

Rock Maraton Festival Hungary 6 July 2010 w/ Blaze Bayley, Mayhem, Promordial, Pro Pain, Xandria and more

More dates to be confirmed soon so watch this space.


Time to dust off the denim, whip out the leather and throw those horns in the air once again. Old school metal maniacs Kryptos are all set to bang heads and snap necks at the Kyra Theatre on August 10th. The show will see Kryptos play their critically acclaimed albums Spiral Ascent and The Ark of Gemini , back to back in their entirety and will be professionally filmed for a DVD release worldwide. The DVD titled ‘ALIVE In The Krypt’ will also include interviews with fans, crew members, behind the scenes insanity and a full length documentary on the band featuring revealing insights on the last 10 years of the band’s legacy. With state of the art sound, lights and visuals this gig promises to go down as a milestone event in the annals of Indian metal. The show starts at 9 p.m sharp with tickets at just Rs 99/- and will take place at the fantastic Kyra Theatre on 100ft Road, Indiranagar. The doors close at 9 p.m after which entry will be restricted. So to ensure that you aren’t left out of this epic concert, get yourselves inside with time to spare. The show will also be preceded by a drum workshop by Ryan Colaco, which will begin at 6 p.m. To mark this momentous event and due to widespread demand Kryptos has put up their entire first album ‘Spiral Ascent’ for free download at www.gimmesound.com/Kryptos With plenty of beer available at the venue to go with the pounding metal on stage this is one gig you dare not miss. Be there and be proud to be metal!!!!

New shit

Greetings fellow headbangers, You can now get all the latest updates on the band by following us on our official Twitter channel. Get regular updates on who’s eating what, who’s pissed off at whom and who’s having another nervous breakdown at http://twitter.com/KryptosMetal In other news the Kryptos page on lastfm has been updated with new pics and song samples so check those out at work/office or wherever because let’s face it, work sucks. Check it out right here http://www.last.fm/music/Kryptos The band is also currently working on a couple of gigs including a very special show which will be filmed for a DVD release and will include 2 hours of concert footage, a documentary and a lot of other awesome stuff. No porn clips unfortunately. We’re also currently writing new material for our third album and we’ve just completed 6 tracks of absolutely A grade old school metal that will make 80’s metal afficionados cream their pants. Just don’t do it in front of us. More updates on gigs and other strange occurences will follow in the next few weeks. Thanks everyone. Cheers! Kryptos

Two new bootleg videos up

Hello fellow metallers......or is that metal fellows?

We have two new bootleg videos from Rock Ethos 09 up on our reverbnation home page.

The first video is a new track called The Mask Of Anubis and the second one is the fan favourite Descension. The audio quality isn't great (duh it's a bootleg) but the video looks pretty fucking cool. Check them out and try not to jerk off haha

A round of beers to Adarsh for the vids. Thanks bro!

The Maiden Experience and other cool shit

Greetings fellow headbangers (and random passers by)

It's been ages since we updated this blog but now that we've gone past our Cro-Magnon phase and learnt how to write without the help of animal bones we've decided to update this thing more often.

First things first, supporting the legendary and mighty (insert similar adjective here) Iron Maiden in our home town of Bangalore was an absolute blast. Playing in front of around 8000 crazy metalheads singing along to our songs is pretty fucking awesome. Too bad about the insane heat though. Metal fashion tip - Leather and ridiculously burning heat do NOT go well together. We had a great time hanging with everyone from De Profundis and Cyanide Serenity and of course with Iron Maiden at their hotel. Now that was one fucking cool evening. Apparently we seemed to have made an impression on them since Bruce Dickinson popped up wearing one of our tshirts at their Brit Awards photo shoot. Check this pic out here


How fucking cool is that? Too bad that damn Brit Award blocked a bit of our shirt but that didn't stop us from getting drunk after checking this pic out. Actually nothing's stopped us from getting drunk before anyway. Hmmm

We also recently headlined Day 1 of Bangalore's biggest rock/metal festival - Rock Ethos 2009 and that was a blast as well. Great crowd, great sound and lots of chicks (or at least they looked like chicks). A lot of people seem to be buying our tshirts, which is awesome of course but it's probably due to the fact that you can't download a tshirt off the internet. Ha! Take that pirates!

We're also looking to get some agency representation for a possible tour abroad in July/August so if anyone's interested or if you happen to read this because it's a whole lot better than listening to your wife then get in touch with us and we'll do business.

Cheers everyone! Drink Beer, Stay Metal!!!!!

Interview with Metal To Infinity

Check out our interview with Stefan from Belgian webzine Metal To Infinity.



The Ark Of Gemini - Now Available Online

Hey fellow headbangers,

Our new album THE ARK OF GEMINI is now available in stores worldwide and also online through the following sites

For the U.S, Canada and the rest of the world

Amazon (www.amazon.com) The End Records (www.theendrecords.com) CD BABY (www.cdbaby.com) TARGET (www.target.com) OSM Records (www.osmrecords.net)

For the U.K and Europe HMV (www.hmv.com) Plastic Head (www.plastichead.com) PLAY (www.play.com) Zavvi (www.zavvi.co.uk) Tesco (www.tesco.com)

For Germany and Europe Amazon Germany (www.amazon.de)

For India, Asia and the Middle East Music Yogi (www.musicyogi.com)

Cheers and stay Metal!!!!!

Visit us at http://www.myspace.com/kryptosindia

The Ark Of Gemini - Out Now Worldwide

Our new album THE ARK OF GEMINI is now officially available worldwide. Run out or get online and get yourself a copy. Stay metal !!!!!!!