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Gopal Bhar was a legendary court jester in medieval Bengal. Bengal is a geographical and ethno-linguistic region in South Asia. It lies in the eastern region of the Indian subcontinent, at the apex of the Bay of Bengal, and is dominated by the fertile Bengal delta. In the southern part of the delta lies the Sundarbans—the world's largest mangrove forest and home of the Bengal tiger. In one of these Legend’s, Gopal Bhar visits the Queen unbeknownst by the King and his guards. A peasant, servant see’s him and asks his name, to which Gopal replies, "Your father knows me; my name is Machi (Housefly)." The peasant inquires from inside the castle again, to which Gopal replies that houseflies eat sweets daily so he should not worry. Gopal eats all the sweets and then leaves the castle. The peasant in fear for his own life never tells a soul what he had seen. As time passes the peasant gains strength and is encouraged to rise up and free him self and his family from the King’s tyranny.


It's finaly comming together - the Raven is a more modern medieval metal tune - with a dual lead intro and a awesome hook this song will show some diverse song writing by the band - should be done by the end of febuary.


This new song brings a new flavor to the band - cant quite place it - a friend said - it had a little Bruce Dickinson style in it - the song was fist writen by members of harlequin 28 years ago - As i was reviewing some old 2 track tapes trying to save old data to hard drive I discoverd this tune . the original guitar player was Matt Basford - the drumer was Terry Wingett - I played bass ( John Hutton) there were no vocals at that time just a insturmental tune. After several days of rearranged versions on the harddrive recorder I decided to let Nick listen to this and give me his notes and revisions for consideration. I meet with Martin and described what I had in mind as far as the lyric - the compelling story of Saint Clair was of interest to both of us. Martin wrote the verses and we colaborated on the chorus. The end result is a true story of faith and purpose by Saint Clair. LYCAN BEWARE !!!!

BLACK KNIGHT on i tunes now !

help a brother out - ya all - check out itunes for the single release of BLACK KNIGHT here's the link http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/black-knight-feat.-john-hutton/id555233659 thanks in advance for your support and interest in ninefifteen METAL !

the mad frog september 2 - 2012

if you would like to see ninefifteen in cincinnati ohio at the mad frog on september 2 at 4 pm you can get tickets on line at http://www.gorillamusic.com/eagleone/buy-tickets/ you save 2 dollars this way - Yipi !! come see Nick, Martin and John lay down the METAL ! funny huh? just a note the battle of saint clair will be the last song of the set - this new song brings something to the table you havent heard us do before.

METAL harmonys on Saint Clair

Martin laid down the vocals for Saint Clair yesterday. this process was cumbersome at first , but with good reason. at the end of the session you could tell that the likens would have to curl up and die as Saint Clairs story was told. After working on the verse sections it was clear that it needed a little spice in the chorus . Durring several run threw's the tune has now developed a awesome 3 part harmony that brings a strenght to the chorus that is overwhelming . this is something even Saint Clair would be proud of.


Sunday was a awesome day of work in the studio. Nick and I rehearsed for up coming shows and captured the rough drum track for the battle of saint Clair. this song will show a different , straight forward old school METAL groove with a vocal that reveals the story of Saint Clair's battle with the human condition. In fact the LIKENS will need to heed this warning as Saint Clair’s power dwarfs any vampire’s will from the underworld .


started working on song number 8 today - the battle of saint clair - traditional old school metal - it seems as though the lyric will tell a story of depth and resolve. beware of the great saint clair - she will not spare your life -likens (werewolf ) beware as saint clair will be there to protect the inocent from your infectious predatory path of detruction.


The band has been working on the leprechaun track and it’s just about ready for release on reverb nation. Jinx has provided an insightful thought process for the lyric and Martin came up with a supper hook for the chorus. Nick came in last week and relayed the drum track to include several push sections towards the end of the tune. This song goes back to the basic roots of METAL. A heavy groove with a blues like hook and some insight full details to the leprechaun’s identity. We all love the little leprechaun - but be ware of his ways.