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Tonya Noga Music......Like & Follow....Join Tonya's Team on Facebook

Tonya Noga Music......Like & Follow....Join Tonya's Team on Facebook....Dare To Dream! Hey Peeps....Tonya Noga here...I am sending a Shout Out to join my Music Team...Like and Follow my Tonya Noga Music Page on Facebook...Dare to Dream Peeps! My goal is to reach 600 by Jan 1st of 2015. This is where all of you come in for support...Share my music page with your Peeps and if you haven't already Liked my Page...now is the perfect time to do it! Share the love and share my music page..600 would a be a great way to start up the 2015 New Year.. Keep rockin..Yours in music....Tonya Noga~ https://www.facebook.com/…/Tonya-Noga-Music/367478886598107…

Tonya Noga Music out and about November 2014

Hey music Peeps...I will be performing at the Millenium Maxwell House on November 12th at 9:30pm and also she will be performing at the Commodore Grille at 7pm and also on November 26th @ the Millennium Maxwell House at 7pm. There are several nights to choose from and I hope to see you at any one of them. Don't forget if you haven't Liked me on Facebook @ Tonya Noga Music or followed on Twitter....now is the perfect time. Stay in the loop on all my latest events or songs. ~Yours in music...Tonya Noga

Tonya Noga Music "Friday Night Likes"

Tonya Noga Music "Friday Night Like's" ....Tonight is the night to gather around Tonya's Noga's Music Page and share with friends. Everyone is invited to join and encouraged to share and invite their Peeps! All are welcome! The Theme of the Party... "LIKES"...and most importantly come as you are....Check out the posters, listen to music, and watch videos.. even socialize on any comment section with Tonya or other Peeps. The doors are open 24/7....all you have to do is show up! See you there as we push for a full house of 600 guests. ~Tonya Noga~

Tonya Noga
Tonya Noga  (6 months ago)


Tonya Noga performing at Ri'chards Louisana Cafe

Tonya Noga will be performing at Ri'chards Louisana Café with Kat'Lee Jones and Friends at Whites Creek, Tn. Spetember 14th @ 12:30pm. Come on out to see us! Lot's of awesome music and tasty Cajun dishes.

Tonya Noga's " Dream Team" ROCKS!

Tonya Noga put a shout out to all her Peeps to help her meet her goal of 500 LIKES on Facebook and they jumped right on board to share and help this goal get met! Now she is at 506 Likes and growing, plus with the combined efforts of Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation listener's fans and folowers she is now over 1000 fans and was kicked right into the top 40 on the Nashville Singer Songwriter charts...placing at the moment #34. Awesome things happening because of all the Peeps that believe in one persons Dream. This is why all of you are the "Dream Team"! Again you guys rock!

Tonya Noga Music Page on Facebook is only 18 likes away from 500

Tonya Noga Music is 20 LIKES away from 500........Calling out to all my amazing Facebook Peeps..many of you are following my music page and have been so supportive every step of the way! I am so grateful to each of you! I am calling out to all my friends and listeners who have not had a chance to " Like" and follow my Tonya Noga Music Page. Now is the perfect time to come aboard! Yes....You! I need to build up my Tonya Noga Social Media Team....One person at a time can help to get my music....my dream out there even further. Invite your friends, share the link, share my songs or events! In order to make a dream grow it takes a team to come together and make it happen! I am only 20 Likes away from 500 and could use a little help in reaching this goal! Thanks for all you do and my gratitude goes very deep! ~Tonya Noga~

What if I told my story?

I was just watching this video I made to introduce my first album "Awakening" that was just released February 2014....trying to think about how I would tell my story of how I got here to this moment in time. The details of the trails I took and adventures and experiences that have effected me as a person in many ways.... in all areas of my life..... that led me on the Journey I am still traveling today! Wow...is all I can say! I wonder if I told my story.....wonder if it could help encourage someone else and help them to see that there is always hope, love, opportunities even in dark times, and that in this big world that has big things that seem out of reach, that nothing in life is out of reach. No matter how the past haunts or leaves it's scars that there is always a light ahead and a reason to keep moving on....and I learned that the big things in life that everyone strives for come in different sizes, and sometimes the smallest thing can make all the difference in the world and have the biggest impact. I have had to travel down many roads and kick a lot of stones and drink from a dry well to learn that my life is a gift given to live. Each of my experiences help to shape who I am, but does not dictate who I should be! This would be my story.... The Journey To My "Awakening". ~Tonya Noga ~ 4/25/2014

Tonya Noga Out And About

Hey to all my awesome Peeps ! 2014 is turning out to be an awesome year....first of all my first album (EP) Awakening is now available on cd and also on several media sites where the album or individual song can be downloaded. Plus coming up in May I have a few dates scheduled for performing. If you haven't had the chance to go to my Tonya Noga Music page and like it.....now is the time! Also if you are on my Reverbnation.....please leave a personal message or question about me or my music! ~ Tonya Noga ~!

Tonya Noga's EP "Awakening" is now live on iTunes

Great News Peeps, my EP "Awakening" is now available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Muve, Google Play, Nokia, and more....and also you have the option of ordering the physical cd personally from me along with a personalized signature. To order the cd go to my page for shipping info! Now you guys and gals have an option and I think that's awesome! So all my peeps in other countries who want to hear my album but can't order a physical cd....here you go! Live and on ITunes waiting for you! Thanks for all your support with my music. Means the world to me! ~ Tonya Noga Music ~ 2/27/2014 http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=829783645

Tonya Noga Out And About Update

Awesome things coming up....First of all my First album "Awakening" is coming very soon. Waiting for the arrival of the cds and I will be able to give you a release date. Literally the cd's are in the mail as we speak! I am so excited for all my Peeps to finally get to hear what I have been working on for the last 6 months! All I can say is it rocks! Also coming up Monday Night Jan. 27th at 7pm....I will be performing at country Nites Tavern in Madison,Tn for the live taping for the Woodstok & Chief Show. If any of you are in the area...please come on by and experience the hype of a t.v. show in the making. Don't forget to follow me on my music page Tonya Noga Music on Facebook for updates on the release of my album(EP) "Awakening"... Yours In Music! Tonya Noga