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Blackout Country / Blog

Houses Of Dreams

But you took my dreams away ...

please listen to "Houses Of Dreams" the lyrics are written by Sara Teasdale the music is pure Blackout Country

we hope you'll enjoy the song

keep on rockin' BC


April Snow

standing in the April Snow ...

a new song ...

inspired by the weather and common circumstance ...

Music & Lyrics by Blackout Country

http://blackoutcountry.bandcamp.com/track/april-snow keep on rockin' BC

I'm Not Yours

I'm not yours, not lost in you ...

here is the new song from Blackout Country:


keep on rockin' BC

"In The Second Year" is now available at almost every online store worldwide

We are happy to tell you that our album "In The Second Year" is now available at almost every online store worldwide, like iTunes, Amazon (US, Germany, Japan), Rhapsody, Napster, Musicload, Media Markt, Saturn, Spotify and some more.

The best price is now at eMusic with 3,92 Euro for the whole album: http://www.emusic.com/album/blackout-country/in-the-second-year/13915581/

we hope you'll like it

keep on rockin' BC

Dark Falls The Fear in a song contest


we will take part with "Dark Falls The Fear" in a song contest from Avid (Pro Tools) and the famous Abbey Road Studios in London.

Let's see what will happen ;-)

keep on rockin' BC


Digital Distribution

Thanks to Digital Distribution our album "In The Second Year" is available on different online stores like

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/de/album/in-the-second-year/id603466179

Musicload: http://www.musicload.de/blackout-country/in-the-second-year/musik/album/15523734_2

Jamba: http://www.jamba.de/Blackout_Country/In_the_Second_Year/album/15166982

Media Markt: http://musik-download.mediamarkt.de/servlets/2452328105705Dispatch/3/jspforward?file=./index.jsp&page=album&id=116902150

Saturn: http://mp3.saturn.de/servlets/2452685121527Dispatch/34/jspforward?file=./index.jsp&page=album&id=116902150

keep on rockin' BC

Vision Of My Spirit

Here is our first track of this year.

The song has the title "Vision of my Spirit".

The lyrics base on the poem "Imitation" by Edgar Allan Poe. The music is Blackout Country, but with more electronic as usual.

Don't dance, we wanna see you jump ;-)

keep on rockin' BC

Dark Falls The Fear

Today we have released the last song of this year.

The Song has the title: "Dark Falls The Fear"

The Lyrics are based on the poem "At Castle Wood" by Emily Jane Bronte. The music is again pure Blackout Country. In this case it is something like a little bit of heavy slow rock with a small orchestra part after the middle of the song.

We hope, you will enjoy it.

keep on rockin' BC


Maybe our last song in this year. Here is our new song "Alone".

The Lyrics are written by Edgar Allan Poe. The music is pure Blackout Country.

Enjoy it and keep on rockin' BC


We have finished our first recording in the new studio with a new song named "Eldorado". It is a pop ballad. The Lyrics are written from Edgar Allan Poe and the music is pure Blackout Country. Please Enjoy it! keep on rockin' Blackout Country