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innerspace / Blog


Not much for words outside of lyrics so I'll keep it short. i n n e r s p a c e, is a band that believes in bringing what is inside of a human being outward. With all of the focus on materialistic shenanigans, we thought it would be a good idea to emote whats going on at the crust of us. Granted, the music currently listed is about certain entanglements with the opposite sex, but at the time that was inside of me and I needed to throw the paint on the wall so to speak. Besides, we hope we make up for our present lack of political views with our composition overall. Before this, I was a Graphic Designer/ Illustrator/ Animator for 6 years with no previous musical training nor knowledge of any talent. It was less than a year ago when I wrote my first set of lyrics, found Jorge 'spider fingers' Flores (Guitar/ Bass) and Matt McCaskill (Guitar/ Drums/ Production) started playing keyboard and recorded these songs mostly in a bathroom on a mac. It took me 24 years of life to figure out this is what I want to do for the rest of it. Personal opinion, it shouldn't have taken that long. I should have hopped on the bandwagon when I heard 'Let's Go Crazy' (Prince) for the first time, flew out of my chair and got down. I believe the world (myself included) is way to focused on outward perspective and outside pleasure. With our present and future projects, we hope to inspire people to look inward and gain the courage to live in the world they create and not the one created for them. So with that, enjoy the music, let us know what you think and by all means, please do... get down!