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J E / Blog

New Place, New Face

Nine days will mark one month that I have been living in Atlanta. It's all a new experience, enlightening none the less. I excited for what this city has to offer!!

I am a recent college graduate and I decided that if I wanted to do music, I had to go where the music was. Not that there isn't music anywhere else but Atlanta is a mecca for music and music lovers alike.

I've always been passionate about music and an immense music lover from childhood. I cant wait for the opportunity to show the world the gifts that God has blessed me with.

I am so flattered and tremendously humbled by the feedback and responses so far, and I have nothing to lose so it's nowhere but up from here.

I believe that this wont be a dream for much longer!! Soon I will see the fruits of my labor and I'm ecstatic about what God has in store for me and those I encounter.

I always liked to say " I love music, not to sound cliche but, music is my passion, beyond what words can express, even when your heart forgets how to speak, that's what music is to me."

I know that nothing is handed to anyone, but I hope that you would take this journey with me and be prayerful that God always gets the glory from everything I do!!!

I love you all!!!!

2012 LETS GO!!!!