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Pchop aka MOM is heading to Jacksonville AGAIN!!

I am so excited to see my Pchop again! She is driving all the way here to see David Allan Coe and Halemerry on March 10th. My mother is a huge DAC fan! She met him years ago at Gilley's in Texas. Back when Gilley's was HOT (Urban Cowboy days..) my mother went to Gilley's and was one of xeveral hundred woman in the club...and DAC spotted her and asked her to dance. She remembers the dance fondly. So OF COURSE she is coming down...I can't wait to see her face when she sees him again! You should understand that my mother is/was not a partying girl so this was a huge moment in her life! And I think DAC has GREAT taste in dance partners!

As the PIT sucks in another fan!

Ok...you always hear that local bands are good...and sometimes you have the opportunity to play with a few...however, FRIDAY night at the PIT was a HOMECOMING of sorts! I was stunned, overwhelmed and awestruck by the bands that we joined on stage. It isn't easy to admit that you have such HUGE shoes to fill...but if you live in Jacksonville, you will understand that statement! This city OWNS LIVE shows...it creates some of the best bands, best live shows and best vocals you can imagine. Everyone in Jax appreciates and supports locals talent! If you haven't stepped OUT to see the talent this city has...you are MISSING OUT! Nothing compares! MUCH lOVE and Appreciation the bands and to the amazing FANS!!! Rock it out...MMMWWWHHAAA!!!

Feb 24th Brewsters PIT!!

I hear a rumor we may be opening up for a HUGE act in March...just a rumor for now...BUT...there is always some truth to rumors.

TWITTER anyone??

Halemerry is on Twitter now...I know...I know...FINALLY!! We had quite a few comments because we had not created an account! Here is to all the people with an opinion and great ideas!! Thanks!

Emily's Diary

It took forever to do what I needed to do...man...sometimes things just don't come easy...being human sucks sometimes...however...it rocks most of the time...take the good with the bad...but a little southern girl can do just about anything she sets her mind to so prepare for KISS MY RING!!!..LOL

Happy Accident!

When you find something that just FITS...you have to wonder how all of the mistakes...lessons learned and opportunities that you passed...lead you to THIS MOMENT!!! THIS OPPORTUNITY...may we all take this time carpe' diem...and do the absolute best we can possibly do! I have no DOUBT this life was is - a chance - a possiblity...a memory that will create the soundtrack to some one elses life...may you always KNOW - there are only SEVEN DAYS in a week and ONLY ONE chance to do what needs to be done....LETS GO!

Seven Days - so happy!

I am currently on the verge of collaborating with Seven Days from AR. This opportunity brings me so much JOY . Just doing what I do? Nothing is better than doing what you love and being able to share it with the world. Thanks to Seven Days...hold on...it will be ONE helluva ride.

Hello ALL!!

We are working so hard to do what we LOVE and it seems one step forward two steps back...but that is the nature of the beast! We are proud and so thankful for our fans and other artists who take the time to check out what we do...with all our hearts! Stay tuned...we have a goal...let's see if we make it!


MUCH thanks and appreciation to the staff and people last night at TAPS...WE had a BLAST....

TAPS JAN 20 at 10pm

I know it is short notice but we are playing tomorrow...just received the call...so it is short notice...but SHOW UP and have a great FRIDAY with HALEMERRY!!! We would LOVE to see you...and enjoy another day of MUSIC!!