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Walteeze Production / Blog

Turn :( to :)

When things doesn't go right for you, try going left!! :)

You Don't Have To Worry!! :)

You just do YOU!! I'mma do ME!! :)




I just want to take this time to wish y'all happy holidays and that you all have a happy new year!! Much 3 to all of you!!! :)


i'm gonna write to as many people that i possibly can showing my appreciation and how much it means to me to have y'all in my life both in music as well as in general!!! y'all are the best and wouldn't trade y'all in for nothing else!! much 3 always!! :)

Love/Honor Thy Neighbor...

"always appreciate the family/friends that are in ur life and never take advantage of them because u'll never know when u need them the most!!"



i might actually have a few more songs in the works to put on here. but, it may take a while due to life and other things being in the way. but, best believe that things will def go into plan shortly. thanks to those that still support the WPM (walteeze production movement).


when the going gets tough and u can't take it anymore, it's just best to walk away from it and do what's best for u. people enter and exit ur life for a reason. remember, it's never ur fault. just get right back up, dust urself and wash ur hands!! oh!! and keep ur head up while u continue to move forward with the plans that GOD has in store for u. ♥

If Love Don't Love.....

“if love doesn’t love u anymore, it’s time to let it go. why keep a butterfly caged in a jar?”


Keep Ya Head Up!!!

it’s a song and a way of life. it’s one of the ways that we get through anything that gets in our way.

whenever u’re down and u don’t know if u’re able to get through it, just keep ur head up and pray for better days. i know that there are days when u feel like ur back is against the walls and nobody seems to give a d***. trust me…i been there and done that. the best thing to do in that type of situation is to just live life the best way u know how. first, u have to have to keep ur head up. then, find confidence within urself and say “YES, I CAN DO THIS!!!” nobody is gonna say otherwise.

to be honest, they don’t have nothing to say because they don’t walk in ur shoes and they don’t know the TRUE U…like u do. sometimes, it’s best to just go and do this on ur own. at least then u would feel more independent and don’t have to feel like u need somebody all the time. remember, there’s a difference in between wanting help and wanting help but being lazy about it.

things do get better in time. it’s all in getting out there and proving urself saying that u can do it and get rid of all the rest of the BS. i’m sorry. but, this is the truth and it needs to be said. like i said before, i only help…not hurt. if u feel hurt, i’m sorry. this was in no intention of hurting anyone. it’s just to build urself to become something better.

love u all with all my heart. please believe that and always…KEEP YA HEAD UP!!!