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Todd & Jimmie Dean / Blog

blog 18

hello fans and friends. well just one more week and then i get to go home. day after that we move. then its in the studio. then meet again with record label and maybe finalize. wow. so much to do in short time, but we are getting use to it. it all exciting. appreciate and love you all. peace.

blog 17

well crap, im back on the boat for another 3 week tour. so much to do at home. will be moving and going to studio and other secret things, that will be revealed later, when i get off again. so this is a time of break for me. eventhough im at work. home is much more hectic but much more exciting and fun too. cant wait to get off again. well ill keep you informed as time goes by. broke 50!! at 49 today. that is so cool. thank you all. sorry the new songs didnt come out but i wasnt even close to satisfied with the results. and as things progress the quality must get better too. so i am still working on them. "rememberin" is such a hard song to sing, but i was getting much happier with it when i left. so soon. anyway peace to all and have a great week.

blog 16

as is becoming the norm. its been an interesting time home again. much to say soon. but im making you wait just alittle longer. went to the studio and got 3 songs much closer to finished. just couldnt sing well that day. engineer said it was fine but i didnt like it. so i am working on the vocal part of them in my little home studio. hope to have them out on here before i go back to work. well have a great week and peace to all.

blog 15

all is well today. 1 week left til i get to go home. thanks to all the reverb community for all the fan backs and new fans. hoping to reach 1000 reverb fans soon. new songs going through my mind, but of course those are for the next cd. really looking forward to this time off. many things to do and many things come to a finish. also looking for place to move to. and you all know how much fun that is. well will close for now. keep on creating the music and chasing that dream and peace to all.

blog 14

half way through. 10 days and i get to go home. so much to do when i get there. this last week has been very exciting on reverbnation. im at 113 for nashville hoping to go below 100 before i get home. so many fans have showed support for me and i appreciate it so much. very touched. thank everyone so much. new songs will be out soon after i get home. but soon all will be taken down cause im about to get them all mastered. then ill put them back up. well peace and all have a great day.

blog 13

wow!!!! the last few days have been crazy here on reverb. so many fans. dont get me wrong i love you all, it is so cool. if any of you didnt get a message on my fan back please forgive me, its the computer im on here at work out on the water. And i am so psyched also for breaking 150 on the nashville local page, 149. never thought that would happen. thank all my fans so much for the support. peace and love to all.

blog 12

well it has been a very interesting and tiring time home this time. many things just didnt want to work out quite right, but we persevered and made it through. got forever my heart done and signed up with BMI. next time in studio might have 3 songs finished as they are all in different stages of completion. made some progress on the video that we are going to do, they camera people are ready and the band is ready just need to get the permits and the bar on line and its ready to go. should be a cool video. well its back to the boat tomorrow. dangit. but need the money. peace to all and keep the great music coming.

coming home

1 day and i get to go home.!!!!! in the studio on the 26th !!!! cd is getting close to finished.!!!! peace to all.

blog 10

sittin on the boat and thinking about home, wife, and music. cant wait to get back into the studio. still a couple of weeks away. hope all who read this are having a fantastic day. peace to all

blog 9

hello, welll i had a great time at the studio. am really enthused about new song. next is meet with promoter on monday. that should be interesting. then on wed. i am doing a live show on whotune.com at 630 pm. plus all the little things in between. so alot going on in short time. i hope that you enjoy the new song. please leave me a message with your comments about it. i appreciate all feedback and all the you do. peace to all