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Scientific Uppercut / Blog

Stuff in the Studio

So we got some new equipment for the studio and it's increased production 2 fold. A new fancy pants digital interface has allowed recording to become much less of a head ache and now we are more focused on getting new jams spit out. We have several new jams in the works, most of them are ready to go with the exception of vocals and drums. Bunches and bunches of bass and guitar tracks are laid down. We are excited :-D As a fan, or a passer-byer, you should be too. We got heavy stuff and fluffy stuff coming at you in the next two weeks. I've never felt more of a buzz from the music peeps. Should be a goodin'. (Teeg)

Band Practices.

Emotional distress. A common occurrence in some lives. Today was interrupted by an unfortunate trip to the airport as one of the bands dear friends had a family emergency. Our heart is with you brother.

Dear Santa.

Members of the band as it stands have been really REALLY good this year and we were wondering if you could put some new fans in our stockings. Hope you enjoy the milk, cookies, and heavy metal we left out for you. Love, scientific upper cut.