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Rob Mazurek / Blog

Thank You !

Thanks to Those who downloaded "Hear the Angels Crying" your download helps kids through the Fender Music Foundation obtain a music education and instruments they would not have been able to access otherwise. Check out Fender Music Foundation at : http://www.fendermusicfoundation.org

Fan Merchandise Store

Just a quick note to let friends/fans know about the Fan merchandise store which has everything from T-shirts,watches,water-bottles,I-phone and I-PAD cases,Clocks,Mugs,even T-shirts for your pets !..lol Check it out at: http://www.zazzle.com/vulcun1

New Rythym Track sample posted !

Hey Guys just wanted to share a brief sample of a new track im working on called "Watching You" ! .

This is a small sample/rough draft of a portion of the Rythym track- Still need to play around and find the right tone for my lead guitar part . We've been having Crazy amounts of Heat here lately up in the 90 plus F range...so needless to say I'm waiting for cooler weather to sit down and play around with my guitar processor to try to search for and dial in the right lead tone I want (I'm so friggin picky..lmao).

- I'm actually working on a few new tunes for my next CD . I find that just as im in the middle of playing around with one track I get this vibe in my head to do another one ! (Music is always in my head..lol) .....Anyways, Hope you like this short simple little Rythym vibe and hope your summer's been great so far !!!! ..Keep Rock'in !!!

MTV MVA awards last night

Was greatly disappointed with the awards show last night...the direction of mainstream music seems to be geared this days to 14 year olds with bubble-gum pop songs...lol. I watched the video awards show and thought even the show looked very cheaply produced and unworthy of being called an awards show ! . Budgets at the labels and TV networks must be very tight these days !. But I guess it was a thrill for all those Teenie-boppers out there anyway ! ...I think most musicians watching however probably wanted to vomit at the cheap and tacky production of the whole show and the general talent geared towards the bubble-gum crowd !

Check out and like his page on FB !

Friend of mine off Facebook..check out his music page and give it a "LIKE" while you;re there ! https://www.facebook.com/Humaniaxe

New Short Stream Posted

Posted a Brief Stream of a New Track im working on -Kinda Funky beat with some cool Bass guitar and Sax...Still Gotta toss in some Cool Lead Guitar in there later down the drum track- But kinda gives you a quick feel of the Vibe.Hope you like it so far !

New Song Samples

Hey Guys,added 4 new brief song samples which will be on my next CD - "Rock the house down", Once upon a time in Texas, "The Evasive one" and "Get out of my Way" - Keep in mind these are These are pretty Raw Tracks thus far - so Hope you like them.


Thought id write a quick blog about somthing every artist these days seemed to have on their mind. Which route to take with their music and careers- Major or Indie ? . That decision is a very personal one.

For me personally, I prefer the indie route- I have been offered signing deals by two major labels thus far and have neglected to take them up on it . For me its not the just the money...its about creative ownership/control and having 100% control over your own career direction and choices.

These days unfortunately labels want to take an indie artist and "shape and mold them" into their own idea of what "your ideal image should be". To me thats just wrong- if they want to mold somthing- they should get into pottery or something.

Besides with the power of the internet these days artists can market themselves quite well on their own and really dont need labels...in fact,these days the labels need more new talent a lot more desperately than artists need them. Thats just the facts of the industry. So dont allow yourself to be star-struck if a label contacts you...and beware of scammers who try to pass themselves off as producers,scouts or A&R reps...who ask you to submit your material to them- make sure you check out their backrounds very well before submitting anything to them. Like I said -Lots of scam artists out there trying to take advantage of artists music for illegal mix-tapes,etc.

Anyways, whatever route you take with your career.. always read and be sure you understand the fine print in any contract signing !

Check this MAN out !!!!

This guys track left me speechless it was just that awesome- check out his video on you-tube- http://youtu.be/G91jneZReG0 also fan is Reverbnation page- www.Reverbnation.com/The RidahGod

"Getting into The Zone"

When I first Released my Debut Track "Out For Blood" or the soulful track "Hear the Angels Crying" on my "Walking Through the Darkside" CD ,often the same type of questions popped up by fans - "Where did you ever learn to play like that" ! , (Firstly,Let me say I am extremely humbled by such a compliment-as I feel I can never excel to the heights of my guitar heroe greats...so I often politely scoff when someone feels I play amazing- because no matter how good you are as a player..there is always someone who will totally floor you with their talent and humble you to no end..lol.)

But playing Guitar for me personally isnt about showing off or trying to be the better than the next guy...its simply about self-expression and playing what your mind and soul communicates to you -whether it be a composition or somthing you just recorded on the fly- (you know that song idea thats been in your head until you pick up your guitar and just go with it until it builds into somthing very cool sounding).

Anyways, As every Guitarist knows once you learn the basics, "How" you play is a matter of self-discipline and individual style - But basically boils down to a matter of Tons of practice and what I call "Getting into the Zone" .

Let me explain - To me "The Zone" is that place you fall into after a great 20-40 Minute warm up -where your fingers are well excercised, and you are very well warmed up..to the point where the fretboard feels mystically dominated- its that place that feels like magic- the deep,almost spiritual connection between You, your soul and the Fretboard. you know when you've found it because you can just feel that connection.

To some this may all sound pretty weird and a bit out there...but to the guitarists who know exactly what im talking about...its just a thing that guitar players can really understand.

So anyways my advice to new guitar players just learning the instrument is to seek out your own personal "Zone" and enjoy the mystical,spiritual Trip it provides- because its truly greater than any drug,Booze or adrenaline Rush on the planet. - Rock On !