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Rob Mazurek / Blog

Thanks for the support & update !

Hey guys just wanted to say a Huge Thanks for the awesome support ! -Holding at number 2 spot on the local Rock charts here for many weeks thanks to you guys ! -Much appreciated ! Been busy trying to work on some tracks but have also been keeping close tabs on this whole Ebola Hoax (Yes,its a massive UN Hoax) .lets just say its one very evil conspiracy going on and I'll leave it at that. If you want to learn the truth about it go to you-tube and type "Free Radio Revolution" in the search engine on you-tube. Then you can catch up on whats "Really" happening with that Hoax. Anyways, thanks again for the support and for my musician friends on here - sorry I'm a bit behind catching up with messages and visiting your pages to drop comments - but I'm working on catching up soon ! ..be cool and have a Rock'in week !

PAYFRIENDZ -Check them out !

Wanted to say Thanks to Payfriendz for promoting my music and including me on their list of influential guitarists ! (Twitter-Payfriendz added you to list payfriendz/influential-guitarists) If you havnt checked out Payfriendz yet and downloaded their App - you can do so here - they are a United Kingdom based company and somewhat similiar to Paypal . https://www.payfriendz.com/

Political messages in my music

Those who know me know that I am a very outspoken individual when it comes to exposing the NWO Agenda. Recent Events since 9/11 -all Govt orchestrated false-flag events in nature in regards to ISIS,School shootings,gun control, events in Ukraine,Syria act as inspiration for me to speak the truth and expose these false-flags both as an individual and as a musician in the titles I use for many of my songs. Which is why I decided to call my next Album "Time is up for the NWO" - because it really is - we have exposed their agenda and now is the time to shut them down completely . So for those who wonder why choose such strange song titles - Now you know..lol.

Another New Music Distribution Partner

Hey Just wanted to Welcome more Global Fans to my page - My New Music Partner Yandex will now also be distributing my music . -Powered by the largest search engine in Russia, Yandex.Music provides exclusively legal, fee and free music streaming to users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Available on desktop and mobile devices, the service allows its users to discover and listen to songs and entire albums from both Russian and foreign artists. They can choose from tens of millions of tracks in the Yandex.Music catalogue, searching music by artist, album, track or genre, create their own playlists and recommend tracks to other users. Yandex.Music Territories (Where Music Sells) Yandex.Music is available in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Music Videos

Hey guys just a quick note- Plan on filming a music video next spring or summer with an awesome local Video producer - will be searching for some hot Rocker models for the shoot - so if interested get in touch with your contact info ,experience,links to your portfolios,etc. Thanks and have a great day !

New Fan Merchandise and some News !

Just a brief note to say that there will be a few new products added to fan merchandise store to coincide with the I-Tunes Pre-Release of my New album later this year - Also sometime next summer will be shooting my first official music video with a local talented video producer (more details to come later next spring) Have a Great Weekend !!!

New Market in the EU

Ive added my Previous and Future Album releases to TargetMusic - TargetMusic is the leading digital music provider for music platforms in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. Their platforms provide a variety of delivery methods with built in capabilities for online payment processing. TargetMusic's music catalog encompasses the major record labels, provides a wide variety of international artists and releases as well as renowned local artists. TargetMusic's retail partners include Downloadmusic NL, Downloadmusic BE, 538 Downloads, Samsung, Top40, Legaldownloads, Zazell.nl, SBS6, Net5, Mega-Media, TV Oranje, and Hitzone. So a Big Hello and Welcome to New Dutch and Belgium Fans ! For more info about TargetMusic -see their webpage at - http://www.targetmusic.eu/en/about_Us.php

Whats Happening over the Summer ?

First I have to apologize for not hitting the Blog here often enough- there is a number of things going on over the next month . First Ive been working on New material for my new CD - "Time is up for the NWO" - Although its too early to give specifics to a Release date yet . I did post a few short sample stream tracks that will be on the CD on my Reverbnation playlist . Also when the album is ready for release I will be giving loyal fans a great offer with an I-Tunes "Pre-Order" special prior to the official release of the album so you'll not only be one of the first ones to get it -before its even officially offered in the i-tunes stores - but you'll get "Special VIP fan appreciation Discount Pricing" - so when everythings ready to go -I'll be promoting the I-Tunes Pre-order Special with an I-Tunes Pre-order "Buy" link . Secondly, my Website www.robmazurekmusic.com will be online soon (I'll let you know when its ready and up and running ) Third- My Official Mobile Music/Fan App will be available soon - so you'll be able to keep up with me anywhere you may be and even order my New album off the special Pre-order buy link . Fourth- The Fan merchandise store will be getting a bit of an overhaul - and only the most popular items will remain for sale . I'll post an updated blog about this again when the fan store has been updated. -I hope I havnt forgotton anything here...just trying to do this Blog all from memory - so I think thats about it for now - Please check my links and follow me on Twitter or my official music page on facebook as well ! -Have a Rock'in Weekend ! -Rob

New Tracks

Hey Guys, just wanted to apologize in advance if I'm behind in responding to messages - working on new material so tend to sporadically respond to messages and keep up with my various social media pages at the moment - so when I do respond, its usually in the wee hours of the night when im done working on songs or recording for the day. So just wanted to let you know in advance, so you dont think ive been ignoring you . Thanks and hope your having a great weekend !

Thank You so Much !

Just wanted to say a Huge Thanks to everyone who messaged me and dropped me comments and really awesome compliments regarding my music and guitar playing . Very Flattered and Overwhelmed by your Gracious statements and for those who mentioned it - Yes Music and playing guitar can be very emotionally moving to others when you put your soul into it . - I guess thats the beauty of music it tends to alter moods and allows the mind/imagination to wander for a few moments.