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Rob Mazurek / Blog

New Music Distribution

March 27/2014 :

-Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know My music is now also available at the following online venues Globally:

1.) Bloom UK :

Bloom.fm is a mobile music app (currently available only on iOS devices) featuring free radio and tiered access music rental subscriptions.

Bloom.fm has three different streaming subscription options:

Bloom 20 – Provides customers with access to free radio and allows users to “borrow” up to 20 tracks for on demand listening (including offline) Bloom 200 – Provides customers with access to free radio and allows users to “borrow” up to 200 tracks for on demand listening (including offline) Full Bloom – Provides customers with access to free radio and allows users to stream an unlimited number of tracks on demand and to store them for offline listening

2.) Guvera :

Music services need to be more than just a great technology platform. Guvera is leading the charge by providing its users with the most immersive music experience, offering beautiful interfaces and premium curated content.

Guvera is an ad-supported and premium (ad-free) subscription based music streaming and downloading service, offering users unlimited access to millions of songs from the world’s best artists and labels.

Guvera boasts multiple platforms such as web, mobile and tablet (iOS, Android and Kindle).

3.)Akazoo :

Akazoo is an on demand social streaming music service with various social features. Users can subscribe for unlimited use of the service; additionally users have the option for a la carte purchases of high quality audio albums and tracks.

The Akazoo platform is entirely integrated with Facebook, hence making the music experience more social, and users can see what their friends are listening to in real time through the social activity feed.

Users have the option to use their personal cloud based library and listen to their purchases in offline mode from any device. The service is accessible and optimized for the web, mobile devices, tablets and Smart TVs. The supported options of the service include standard, premium and mobile only models.

*- Akazoo is only available in Greece, Malaysia, and Poland.

New Album Update

Shooting for a Release Date around August/2014 sometime if all things go according to plan. Will continue with updates later towards Summer.


Sundays are a Great Day to sit back and Reflect on what you've accompished so far and what direction you are going in the future.

When it comes to Music,I see a very disturbing and sad trend these days towards Satanic and illuminatti worship in song Lyrics and music videos in the mainstream music industry.

So upon this realization- My Reflection/thoughts for the day is this : "You simply Can't Serve Two Masters" - as the famous Zepplin song "Stairway to Heaven states - "Yes,there are Two paths you can go by- but in the long run- There's still time to change the Road you're on"

-Have a Great Week !

Questions about the New Album

A Few people have asked me what exactly is going to be on the new Album. What I can Say its going to be a bit of mixture of Rock,Latin and whatever my imagination comes up with and translates to my guitar...lol

Definately some Rock- but will also include more mellow tunes like the sample I posted of "When your Love comes Crashing down" .

There will also be some tunes on there which sort of pay Homage to Pink Floyd (in that type of musical "Style" anyway with a Track Ive called "God and JFK" ) -I'm keeping this tune under wraps until I'm ready to release the album though-because I love to be a huge tease that way..lol. (and I think you'll agree with wait will be worth it)

Anyways,I still have a lot of a Ton work to do yet on this album and im the type that takes my time on these things too, so I dont anticipate releasing it until late summer or Fall of 2014. But it will be what I call "an orgasm for the ears and mind when its ready"..lol.

My Music Available soon on "Beats"

Just wanted to let everyone know that my Music will soon be available on "Beats" . Starting Jan.21/2014. When they Go Live.

Beats Music is a new kind of streaming music service that focuses on providing a personalized music experience for each user through a unique blend of digital innovation and musical passion.

Programmed by a trusted team of well-respected music experts with over 300 years of experience across all genres, Beats Music delivers the right music for any situation, any time, and any preference, personalized to the user's taste. The result is an artist-friendly digital music service that does more than simply offer access to music; it establishes an emotional connection to the music as well.

Beats Music is a unique collaboration between Interscope/Geffen/A&M chairman and founder/CEO of Beats Electronics Jimmy Iovine, with award-winning musician Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, and is led by CEO Ian Rogers.

Happy 2014 !

For all my New Fans,Friends and Fellow Musicians-Hope your New Year is starting off to an Awesome Start ! - I Want to apologize in advance if it takes me sometimes up to a week to get around to responding to e-mails here or requests from other musicians to drop by their page and check out their tracks.

Ive been in the process of writing new material for my New CD , so please dont think I'm being a snob or anything- its just that ive been really pre-occupied with that stuff for now - But I do try to slowly chip away at my mail and requests here, so please do bare with me guys. (I'm slowly making some progress catching up..lol)

-Thanks for being Cool and understanding and Keep Rock'in !

Thank You and Merry Christmas !

Thanks to the fans who downloaded my track 'Hear the Angels crying" to help support the Fender Music Foundation - Your love of music really does help make a difference ! . Also want to wish you all a Very safe Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well !


Three New Stores Added - Just wanted to let you know that Ive added my Music to Three new stores and Radio Networks as follows:

1.) Slacker Radio :

Slacker Radio makes it easy for fans to discover, share and purchase your music. Delivering hundreds of hand-crafted stations that adapt to listener’s tastes, Slacker allows users to lean back and enjoy a DJ-created mix of the biggest artists, indie favorites, and tomorrow’s stars.

Slacker is available on every major smartphone and tablet platform, from Android and iOS to Blackberry and Windows, plus Smart TVs, consumer electronics devices and in the car. Slacker is also the only digital music service with one-touch billing agreements with every major wireless carrier in North America, making music easier than ever to purchase. Go Live Slacker is available in the US and Canada, where Slacker comes pre-installed on millions of smartphones and consumer electronics devices, in addition to being available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. ................................................................. 2.) 7-Digital :

- Managed by music lovers for music lovers, 7digital stores offer a simple-to-use download service with highly developed features to elevate the user experience both online and on mobile. 7digital’s music services are available globally and optimised for Europe and North America with dedicated stores in 42 countries. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3.) JB HI-FI -Australia :

- JB Hi-Fi is the largest entertainment retailer in Australia. Starting with one store in 1974, there are now over 160 stores across the country. The JB Hi-Fi name is synonymous with music in Australia, having supported and sold music in Australia for almost 40 years.

To complement the offering of physical music in their bricks and mortar and online stores, a music streaming service; JB Hi-Fi NOW Music was launched in late 2011. JB Hi-Fi NOW Music is currently the largest Australian owned paid subscription service.

Across the JB Hi-Fi websites, digital marketing, social media, print media and stores, JB Hi-Fi reaches over 5 million Australians each week.

Regarding Charity support -Thank You !

As Christmas soon draws close, Would like to take this opportunity to once again say a Huge Thanks to those who downloaded my tracks that have been designated to help support the Fender Music Foundation Charity. .http://www.fendermusicfoundation.org/

- They do great work by using money generated by the Charity to ensure all children across America have the gift of music and an opportunity to hold and learn how to play an instrument.

There are countless indie artists like myself participating in this charity drive to help benefit a great number of various charities, so its a win-win scenario for everyone all around.

So no matter which artists songs you choose to download, you are helping some great charity help others and thats something to feel great about while you enjoy listening to your favorite artists music.

I Wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas !

Fan Merchandise Sale

From Today to the end of Dec 6th - Fans can recieve up to 50% off all merchandise in the store -just use discount code : HOLIDAYSMADE at checkout . Fan store is located at www.zazzle.com/vulcun1