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New Album Finally!

We have settled on 13 tracks from our massive recording sessions over the past year where we came up with nearly 50 tracks. At first we released them every week but felt that rushing wasn't helping the quality of things, so we now have a collection of songs for real music fans. What we mean is not just fans of a style, fans of all styles will appreciate the vast directions of this album. Oh and btw it is called 'Miss and Tropic', the cover is our main profile pic here. It will be released as a physical CD by our next show in Newmarket at the Legion on Saturday July 6. iTunes release, ASAP. Love, BD

Buzzblog 2

Dear Buzz-ers, We had a great time at the Gabby’s Newmarket show, thanks to all the new and old fans who showed up! Hopefully they’ll let us back soon but until then we are on the hunt for some Barrie and Toronto action in the new year. Check out the new merch in the Store section at www.buzzdeluxe.com , and keep checking back as new designs are being rolled out as we speak. In related news, Kerry has started her very own T-shirt/merch business which is enabling us to experiment with our own designs and hook up other bands. Spread the word to anyone that needs merch for their bands etc, and check out Mariachi Ink (mariachiink.com).

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Howdy friends, this is an exciting year for us as we are steady working on our new album and hope to be playing a lot more in the winter. Sorry no tours planned but hopefully we'll make it all over Ontario and Quebec...wait, winter in Quebec? We'll have to see....Au revoir for now. -j