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The Lonesome Fugitive Band / Blog

All Star Jam Session Benefit

Country Music jam session,Sunday August 11 at Cobblestone Farms in Kingsley starting at 2 pm. Dinner, dancing, games, and raffles to help with expenses as Shelly Charbonneau continues cancer treatment. Shelly and Bill Charbonneau are fellow musicians and for many years had the Loose Change Band. Please come to help support this cause. Admission is only $5 per person at the door with donations accepted. Cobblestone Farms is located south of TC at the corner of M-113 and M-37 (Kingsley turnoff) We have Lonesome Fugitive as host band, plus Brian Nolf, Nick Vasquez, Roger Tarczon, Jeff Hanna, George & Butch Broad and their band "The Ole Broads", Rod & Susan Broad,and John Kopchia. SPREAD THE WORD, NOT THE CANCER !!

Weekend shows

2 Lonesome Fugitive band shows this weekend !!!!!

Don't forget this is our final year so please come see us on our "Farewell Party"

Saturday June 29 8 pm

Leelanau Sands Casino Showroom

Sunday June 30 1 pm

Cobblestone Farms grand opening

(corner of 113 & 37 south of Chum's Corner's where you turn to go to Kingsley. Big brick farmhouse with big barn in back and white fencing all around)

Both are free shows !!

Cobblestone Farms we will be inside the big barn which has a replica old west town and plenty of dancefloor space. This will be their grand opening with tons of cool stuff going on all afternoon for the whole family. Moomer's ice cream, food, prizes, Sunny Country remote broadcast with Ryan Dobry. Come check out this new venue !!

Thanks !!

Thanks to Southside Hideout for a fantastic night. Also thanks to Brian Nolf, Roger Tarczon, Keith Puffer and Susan Broad for jamming with us. Special thanks to our fans Rhonda, Carol, Veronica, Mike & Blondie, Ron & Linda, plus Gary & Deb and Jim & Ryan for coming out to party with us. We will be back at Southside May 4th !!! Happy Easter everyone :)

Old Fart's and Jackasses

I may be jumping on my soap box here, but I am still enraged by this whole Blake Shelton business. I certainly respect the right to express your own opinions. However, when it becomes derogatory toward others, then I have a problem. Blake Shelton’s comments are both hurtful and thoughtless not only to the legends of Country Music, but to their fans as well. I have never seen another genre of music that shuns its roots to the extent of this. Rock legends such as the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan are heralded as heroes and have the utmost respect of the new generation. The same holds true for Jazz, Blues and R & B music. Why, in turn, do the modern (so called) Country artists continue to arrogantly dismiss the works of their Predecessors ? Any artist in Country Music today that has even a shred of traditional music in their sound are influenced in some way by the “old farts”. Do these people think they came up with that sound all on their own ? Do the honestly feel that they deserve credit for that ? As for people not buying the old Country Music, I beg to differ. Living in Michigan, I see our economy only kept alive by “old money”. These are people that made their living when one could still be made and save for their golden years, not spending it all on video games and i-pods ! These people still love to hear good music and will go see concerts by the artists from their generation who are still touring. On that note, I have personally witnessed a Ray Price concert at a casino here sell out within an hour of the tickets going on sale. I have seen Merle Haggard perform several times in the last couple years and every show was sold out. In addition, there have been a lot of younger fans coming to these concerts. In my band, we play Honky Tonk Country Music and will pack a house with young and old people. This past weekend, we did a show and had a group of about 10 people, all in their 20’s that came up and requested old Country songs. Why is this you may ask? Well I believe that it is partly due to the fact that most “Country” radio only plays the new stuff and plays it over and over again. You get tired of it real fast. The originality is gone and the music has been relegated to a passing fad. An artist today will not and does not maintain the staying power like the legends of yesterday. It’s all about how much money can be made quickly based on an image and marketing. Then when that runs its course, they move on to another. The music itself is catchy and noisy. It has no meaning and depth like the old songs. You will never hear some young couple 30 years from now saying “Listen to this Blake Shelton tune, it was our song” But you will still hear the old songs that mean something to people, much like they do today. You continue to see younger people “discovering” the old Country Music on the web through Youtube and I-Tunes just to name a couple. People will find the music they want to listen to every time. Real Country is not going anywhere folks! I think Blake Shelton needs to be reminded of that before he decides to cover another “old fart” Conway Twitty song and get a number one with it. He surely did not get the hit because he is Blake Shelton. He got it because of the song!! It was good when Twitty recorded it and it’s still good. Staying power from a song that has meaning. What a concept. See? You can learn from your elders. Better think twice before you bite the hand that feeds you.

Bikes For Tikes

We were honored to be a part of a big concert to benefit the Bikes For Tikes program through Toys For Tots.Held Saturday Dec. 8 at the Leelanau Sands casino show room. We all donated our time, talents and all merchandise sales went to the charity ! Thank you to all that helped with the concert. Looks like we will be around 53 total bikes with donations from Concert. Thank you to our sponsors American Waste, Jimmy Johns of Traverse City, Traverse Bay Marine, Big Lotts, and Graff and Hunt Attorneys at law. the total collected should be over our 300 goal !! Sunny Country Listeners we Love you !! Big thanks to all the talent: Brian Nolf Shelagh Brown Ruby John and of course all the Fugitives !!

Real Country Music

Our group is dedicated to traditional country music.

While we do play some old rock and roll, (heck all our music is old !) you won't hear the so called country that is on the radio these days. While we do not hold anything against it, the truth is, it simply should not be categorized as country music.

Honky Tonk and classic country is our focus. Lot's of Merle, George (Jones that is), Conway, Buck, E.T. ( not the movie ) Ray Price and the list goes on an on. There are so many songs from the past that we have found and added to our shows. Many people remember them and it brings back some wonderful times for them. Some of our younger listeners are grooving to these tunes, maybe for the first time. But we find more of the younger generation wanting to hear this music instead of the radio same old rotations that clog the airwaves. Plus, hey.. you can dance to it right ??

We certainly are not standing on a soap box here (ok maybe a little).. but we just want you folks to know what Lonesome Fugitive is all about.

Thanks for listening !!