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Damn Pigeon / Blog

Saturday Night Sessions

Just back from a productive and entertaining session in Guitarland.

Mr. Proctor laid down some very cool solos on 'Only I' and 'Time', and they couldn't be more different from each other. Exhilirating, for sure.

Our producer has hinted that it's almost time to move on to Vocal Land...

Special Guests

Guitaring continues this week at the Pigeon Coop, using more familiar tools.

Some vintage axes dropped in for the sessions last week.

In addition to the Psychotic Hillbilly Dobro, The Triple G Trio made an appearance - Goldy, Guild and Gretsch. Their sounds are stunningly sweet.

The Boys were having Big Fun - rather like pigs in sh*t, but alas, all guests have to go home eventually...

Many thanks to Big Al for the loan! :)

Dispatch From GuitarLand

The Psychotic Hillbilly Dobro showed up at the Pigeon Coop on Sunday to guest on 'Gift Horse'... ;)

Off to GuitarLand!

Drum and bass tracks for the new record are in the can.

The guitar guys were having a grand old time on Sunday, tweaking fat sounds from an eight-foot wall of various amplifiers on the studio floor.

Big Fun.

We'll be lingering in GuitarLand for a while, I'm sure...

Because you can never have enough guitar! ;)

Now For That Low Yo-Yo Stuff...

All set to begin tracking the bass parts for the new album on Friday night. Listen for that low B...

Beds Made...

Got drum tracks done in the studio yesterday for six of our new songs. Six more to go on Monday... :)

New DP Videos

Quietly going about our business making our new record.

In the meantime, we've just posted a few new live Damn Pigeon videos on YouTube. Somewhat grainy, yet totally real live footage.

Thanks for your patience, all!

Long Time, No Post...

Sorry about the Radio Silence over the past few weeks, but I'm afraid it's going to go on for a while yet.

We're all super-busy - living life, writing, hammering out a new live set-list, getting to know a new Pigeon and doing extensive pre-pro for the new record all at the same time.

Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated!

Things That Make Your Day

#2 on The Top Ten Things That Make Your Day List:

People who didn't have to bother, but did anyway...

Thanks Tons! :)

From The Pigeon Coop

Sorry that we haven't been picking up the phone much here in The Coop lately. To be honest, we've been prettty tied up with both getting to know a new Pigeon and writing like Song Hoarders...

Please join us in making welcome to the Flock one Jason Latimer. Jason has graced us with his presence behind the drum kit for a few weeks now, and we look forward to exploring the new stuff with him.

He has his work cut out, with dozens of song snippets lying about and four finicky bastards to deal with - but we're pretty sure he can handle it...

Welcome, Jason!