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Full House and Vengeance!

Check out my latest remastered film scores, Vengeance and Full House on Souncloud!!! https://soundcloud.com/kamileon-87/vengeance and https://soundcloud.com/kamileon-87/full-house.

New Soundcloud Profile!

I just opened a new profile on Soundcloud! The link is https://soundcloud.com/kamileon-87. You'll be able to hear some of the latest music I've been working on. I'm in process of getting it licensed for tv and films. Check it out!!

The First Quartet Soundtrack Uploaded!

Check out my first film score soundtrack uploaded on last.fm/music/kamileon!!! The soundtrack is featured in 3 films and one TV pilot. I'm working on getting it added in some more films.

For the direct links go to http://www.last.fm/music/Kamileon/The+First+Quartet+Soundtrack:+Disc+1 and http://www.last.fm/music/Kamileon/The+First+Quartet+Soundtrack:+Disc+2.

I have two more movie soundtracks to upload within the coming weeks. Stay tuned!!!

I'm in 14th place on Ourstage!!!

My song "City Life" from the In A Cage Soundtrack is currently in 14th place in the Electro Channel!! Thank you for the support in helping me reach 14th place! I thank my fans and fans to be for helping me achieve twelve Top 40 and two Top 10 Achievements on Ourstage! I recently uploaded some new songs: October 12th, Paranormal, and Trick or Treat. During the next 3 weeks I'll be uploading some more music so keep a lookout. Also, yesterday Dreams Come True Films LLC premierred the movie, In A Cage in Terra Haute, IN.

I helped compose the soundscore (music) in the movie so when you get a chance check out https://www.facebook.com/inacagefilm for more info. In the meanwhile check me out on facebook.com/kamileon87, reverbantion.com/kamileon1, and imradio.com/kamileon!

"Armageddon" is here!

For the past two years I've been producing film scores for an Indiana film company. 2 months ago I wrapped up the final score and now I'm back to producing my style of music.

A few days ago I made a spin off filmscore called, Armageddon. I also spent some time updating my Youlicense profile so those film scores can be previewed, purchased, or licensed if there's an interest in licensing my songs.

I haven't kept up to date with my blogs but to all my new fans, thank you. Thank you for joining my fan's list and for listening to my music! And to all my old fan's a HUGE thank you for your support and love!!!! The name of the 3 films I produced soundscores for were In A Cage, This Promise I Made, and Old Folks Like Us by Dreams Come True Films LLC. More information is provided on IMDB.

Don't forget to check out my Youlicense page at http://www.youlicense.com/Artist/ArtistStore.aspx?ID=423909!! Stay tuned!!!






About me

Well... now that we got that out of the way, what's been going on with me? Well since July I started growing dreads. I figured I'd give them a shot since I've been stylin an afro for the longest. My barber would always say "Brotha...you come in here every 2 years to get your haircut. Welcome back baby Shaq, welcome back!" Lol...

I really haven't had much time to hang out since I've been recording the I.A.C. soundtrack (read my previous posts for IAC). But moving right along, I saw the replay of the Green Bay Pakcers game. And man oh man....that was some funny stuff. That's why I'm a Bengals fan. When they lose, oh it's simple... I just change the tv channel. It's too early in the season to be riled up tossing furniture, spilling beer, and throwing popcorn at the tv screen.

Save it for the playoffs and Superbowl...the best time to act out.

Isolation, Destitute Minds, & Heart of a Villain

These are 3 new film scores I recorded over the weekend for In A Cage. The first is entitled Isolation, a song with a lonely, sad but uplifting feel to it. The second is called Destitute Minds, a song with a haunted, embellished, deep remorseful feel. I would love to hear this played at the downtown Omnimax for some reason ha ha...

And last but not least, Heart of a Villain. The genre of this song reflects the anger, madness, and insanity of one of the characters in the film. I won't give away any spoilers but things heat up towards the climax of the film. Stay tuned for more info!...

Along with the 3 new songs, I've uploaded the updated versions of What Can I Say and Conscience Vs Doubt on Reverbnation, Ourstage, and Imradio. As for Myspace I uploaded Full House, the extended version of Desert Sky, Dawn of Rage (Unreleased track), and The Fear Constrictor. Check them all out and let me know what you think!



What's Going On

Good news,

Just over two weeks ago I mailed the In A Cage soundtrack that I've been working on since late July, 2011. As of right now everything is set and ready to go with the exception of 3 new songs added in the soundtrack. Keep in mind not all of the songs will be featured in the movie, In A Cage, by Dreams Come True Films LLC but I'm hopeful that the really catchy ones will!

The film is scheduled to release sometime late this year or early 2013. I don't have a definite date but I'll keep you posted. The soundtrack will later on be available for sale on Amazon, CD Baby, MyMusicSite and a few other sites...

I want to thank all of my fans old and new! From the fans who check out my music on Reverbnation and Imradio, from the fans who listen and vote for my songs on Ourstage, from the variety of music artists hip hop, pop, jazz, house, country, rock, dubstep, and instrumental who send me friend requests, from the fans who first heard my music in 2007... thank you. I appreciate all of the love and will continue to bring the best music from the Nati, the only Nati...Cincinnati!

Ps: If you want to find out more information about the In A Cage film head over to http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2165028/ for more details. If you look in the music department section you'll see my name as the film scorer.

Final Song of In A Cage OST Uploaded!!!

The final song of the In A Cage Soundtrack has been uploaded! It's called Terror On the Horizon. You can listen to the entire soundtrack at ourstage.com/profile/kamileon! More details to follow, stay tuned!!!

Human Instinct, Rockin' Out, & Revamped Myspace!

Check out my two latest songs Human Instinct and Rockin' Out! For those of you who love rock music Rockin' Out is a must listen! Also check out my re-vamped myspace page at myspace.com/kamileon1. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Peace!!!