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Willow & the Embers / Blog

Willow with guitarist, Kevin Wood in Ballard June 22nd!

I am honored to be invited to open for long-time friend and fellow songwriter, Jill Cohn, Seattle CD Release show! I have been wanting to play Eagans for awhile...promises to be a perfect June evening of music!

Egan's Ballard Jam House JIll Cohn in CD release Tour 9:00 pm 1707 Northwest Market street Seattle WA 206 789-1621 Price: $10.00

I am a daughter of music...

I just found this little 'mantra' I wrote a few years ago while beginning the first recordings for Radio Sky...

I am a daughter of music.

I am a daughter of the church, a daughter of ministers, missionaries, tent raisers and gospel callers. I am a daughter of music. I am a daughter of Oklahoma, a daughter of Japan, a daughter of the dust bowl, a daughter of the west. I am a daughter of music. I am daughter of healers, worshippers, snake-handlers, keepers and gardeners. I am a daughter of music.

Music and words have always been a part of me, inside me…even before I knew they were there. They were like an unborn child or an unknown lover…lying in wait for the right time to show me their eyes.

I am in love with the evolution of creating a song…how a particular emotion can bring about a melody, a verse, something new that didn't exist before. I write because I love the vibration of the guitar against my chest, the way words feel leaving my tongue and lips, the way my voice almost becomes foreign to me. I write because I have to, because my head would be too cluttered otherwise, because I need to remember, because I need to forgive, because I need to feel, because I need to release, because I want to hear, because I am addicted to the feeling of sound coming from my body…like light leaving me. I want to create an "earthly poetic dance in the dark".

Each song I have written stays with me and I remember exactly where I was and what I was feeling as it came….its flavor stays on my tongue even as the years have passed. They become memories; little creatures that hang around my pillow to wake me…they are like whispers and ghosts. I love that. I feel that. I want that.

I want to record and share lyrics and music that are lush and thick with sound, yet stark and raw with tangible beauty. I want my recording studio to become a bed of imagination and resonance! I want to create a new record that captures that crazy circus-spinning-lullaby-hushed-lost feeling of the garden. A collection of songs that are fresh with new skin, but whose lineage can be traced through my past records.

Music is my redemption, my desire, my sermon, my demon, my hymn. Music is my secret, my skin, my childhood memory, my dream, my sleep. Music is my mother, my father.

I am a daughter of music.

new/old song

...just uploaded the song 'Down' from my last full length CD. I have released a couple of EP's and duo alt-country record with David Bavas, but the new record, Radio Sky, will be my first full length release in ten years! So this morning I took a little walk down memory lane listening to Sweet Dark Demon...

the crows have been talking for hours now

today it seems like the things that are influencing my creativity are of an earthly nature... i am fascinated with (maybe in love with) crows, the shade of grey, nights so cold even the moon looks chilled, not sleeping, breathing.... Lately I have listening to Spain, Elani Mandell, Aimee Mann, Dayna Kurtz, Jeff Buckley, Gillian Welch, Innocence Mission, Mark Lanegan, Sibelus - Symphony No. 2 - and missing my Gorecki, Joseph Arthur, Low, Mary Lydia Ryan, Mojave3, Verbena, Lisa Germano..... and still a good amount of french and italian accordion music for some reason! And of course, miss Polly Jean some how always ends up in my ears...

New CD on it's way....EP now available on CDbaby!

Hello Friends!

I hope the new year is treating you well and that January's weather has been kind! In typical Seattle fashion we have been slipping through bouts of torrential rain, crazy wind storms, mountains of snow, and crocus-blooming warmth...all this makes for a good time to hole up in the studio to write and play music with Kevin and Bob!

My new CD, Radio Sky, will be released March 1st and I am so excited about it! We will be celebrating the release with an all out tent-revival-come-to-the-river-style- cabaret at The Can Can in Pike Place Market. So save the date!

In the meantime, you can have a listen and purchase our pre-release EP, Beautiful World, at CDbaby http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/Willow1

As always, thanks so much for all your love and support of my song! xo willow