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The Courtesans Official / Blog

Update of "Doll'

We've uploaded the latest version of "Doll".We hope you enjoy it-have a good weekend Best wishes Eileen and Ben

Dear Listeners

At the moment we are recording our first album.It is entirely self-produced and as we proceed we will be posting demos which hopefully will show our ideas evolving.We aim to release the definitive version by the spring of next year and in the meantime invite you to join in the process Best wishes Eileen and Ben


Thankyou for listening to the new"Burnout" Best wishes EIleen and Ben


We decided to record a heavier version of "Burnout".We hope you enjoy it. Best wishes Eileen and Ben


Hope you enjoyed Mazeltof and thankyou for listening Best wishes Ben and Eileen


As promised Mazeltof!

New tune on its' way

By tomorrow evening we should should have a new tune posted"Mazeltof".It's got a tango gipsy feel and tells the tale of a stripper nearing the end of her career.


Sorry we've a bit quiet for a while-this is why-Peckhan Rolex-we hope you enjoy it.Video coming soon Best wishes Ben and Eileen

A dying art

If rock and roll has to die let's hope iy goes out with a bang not a whimper

'Doll' available for download!

Have a listen....you might like it www.thecourtesans.bandcamp.com/track/doll-2