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Jake Blow / Blog

Summer Plans 2012

Hey everyone, whoever happens to read this. haha. I'm just gonna try to express in writing why I don't have any songs up, and why I haven't gotten anything recorded (as everyone would know if I had). See, I freeze up at the microphone, and I've always had a strong feeling that my songs pretty much sucked. So I did a few covers, saw some flaws, and have been working on every one of them that I could pinpoint. I've gotten a tad bit better at singing, I've learned a whole lot about writing songs and how to put lyrics, melodies, and chords together to make something legit, and I've learned that I need to just stop caring about that blinking red REC light.

That being said, I'm focused on songs this summer. I work about 4 days a week, and am playing guitar and writing incessantly otherwise. Soon, I should have something original recorded-at least a demo of some kind- that I can post... keyword should.

Anyhow, if you read this, thanks for listening, and here's to progression. Gaining skills and confidence one step at a time. :)