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Duo At Capri On Main.

Got to perform several of my original songs with Savanah Reed, (Reid, Read...) sorry I didn't catch how she spelled her last name.She's a young talented mandolin picker with a voice that'll bring a lump in your throat. A lot of fun tonight.

November 11

On this day we remember those who have fallen, those who served and those who are serving. If so inclined please view the video "Man of Vision." This song is dedicated to you.

9 / 17, 18, 19 / 2013

Played at "Capri on Main in Gaffney SC 9/17. Really had to dig back in the mental archive since I went on first and was given way more time than I figured I'd have. Played just under an hour. As usual the sound was excellent and the atmosphere was awsome. It's a great place to be every Tuesday evening. Some really cool acts.

9/18 was Freeman's Pub. I can't say enough....12 songwriters 24 original songs in machine gun succession and not ONE bad tune. People come to listen and interact on a musical level. Someone said of the appreciation "it's almost like church" except with alcohol. Lori and I were able to hang around to the end, this time, since she didn't have to work the next day....I did; but I'm bulletproof........Got to play two more tunes before it was over. AGAIN. If you live in this area and you want to hear real music you have never heard before Freeman's Pub is the place to be everyother Wednesday evening from 8:30 until 12:00. Next date should be 10/2/13. I promise you more fun than you should be legally allowed to have for free. OH! And "WESTART VIDEO" documents each act. Professional quality video. Just posted the song "Crosshairs" from the 9/4/13 evening. Check it out and you'll see what I mean.

9/19 was Applebee's of Shelby. This one's kind of hard for me to catch as it is "every third week of the month." That's a bit hard for an idiot to grab on to. But I did and made it. Met some really good musicans and hope to be able to interact on some new as well as old songs I've written.

So over all it was a fun, if not tiring, week since I had to get up at 6:30 every morning to be at work 70 miles away by 8:00. Ya do what ya gotta do since I didn't win the big lottery this week.

Freeman's Pub / Gastonia, NC

Every other Wednesday from 8:30 - 12:00 Freeman's Pub host a "Songwriter's Night." Each artist was allowed two songs each. They have to be their songs. NO COVER TUNES..... Out of the 8 artist I heard, not one bad song. Looking forward to going back and doing a couple more on the 18th of this month. If you live in this area and you want to hear something besides cover songs this will be the place to be on Sept. 18. Really enjoyed it and would like to set up a full show sometime in the near future. Thanks to Freeman's for this opportunity to hear some really good original stuff.


The wife wanted to go to Graceland. Elvis' home probably isn't in the top ten on my bucket list; but Lori's wanted to go since we've been together. After 22 years I supose it was about time. Having never been to Memphis I first noted how long it took to see the skyline. Memphis is an old town that pretty much has remained the same since Reconstruction or at least it appears that way to me. We stayed at the "Days Inn" directly across "Elvis Presley Blvd." from "Graceland." The first thing that struck me when we got out of the vehicle was Elvis Radio was on the PA at the hotel, and the store next door, and next door to that. Actually Elvis Radio was on every PA for 5 blocks either direction from Graceland. I actually began to feel like Elvis was still here. In a way I suppose on Elvis Presley Blvd he still is. The high point of the "tour" for me was the visit to "Sun Records." It was a hole in the wall then and still is now. It is a step back in time to the mid '50's. Don't know how much enhancement was done to the music at the Sun Museum but the first song they played was by Howlin' Wolf. The first lick on the guitar made the hair on my arms stand up and I felt a lump in my throat listening to the purity of the sound. Outside of the historical significance of "Graceland" I've seen and partied at bigger homes. Since the purchase in the mid '50's I assume economic growth has sprung up all around the "Graceland" grounds. So it is now an oasis amidst residential housing, gift shops and the transit terminal that has developed around the grounds since Elvis bought it and the grounds for around $100,000 back in '56. The most impressive thing at "Graceland" that I found was the awards hall. Anyone that can wall paper two 40 foot walls with gold and platnum records you have to take your hat off to. The transit was convienent. We road the "Sun Record" bus just about everywhere we went during the day. The first evening we went to Beale Street and listened to some music and sampled some "Q." Both were very good. But if the "Q" we had was an example of Memphis Bar BQ, Carolina Bar BQ, specifically Shelby, NC at Red Bridges has a better taste imo. We took a carriage ride afterward. We should have done that first because down on the river front it was cold as a witch's tit in a brass bra in December. The next evening we found a bar called "The Old Whitney Tavern" in Braxton that had an open mic night. I played 5 originals solos and "The Weight" with the sponsors Bob and Susie Sally. They were spot on and it was fun because there were no worries as to who was supposed to be where, when they were supposed to be there. By the end of the evening the carriage ride the evening before had taken its toll on Lori and she was about to cough up a lung. We also went to the Gibson factory that Wednesday. There I was disapointed to find out that the Gibson rejects didn't become Epiphones....They just cut them up... Oh my heart. Over all I liked Memphis alot. Would like to go back. It's like everyone there has a tune in their head. It is a music town. The big difference I senced between Memphis and Nashville was, in Nashville someone writes a song. Then someone buys a song. They find someone to sing the song. Then they find someone to play the song. In Memphis...The guy in the bar or street corner wrote the song, sings the song and plays the song. Another observation I made. I didn't hear a rap or thrash the whole time I was there. It was very refreshing. I want to go back.


With the premire of the "Etched 'N Stone" CD I've revamped several songs on the play list. Songs associated with the "Etched 'N Stone" CD are designated with "ENS." Hope ya enjoy them should you give 'em a listen.

The Town Pump Gig

This is a unique place to play. Black Mountain, NC is and has been an oasis for sometime. I can recall, when I was a HS senior, way back in 1970, Black Mountain was where we went to play music and get a beer. (Remember then you could drink at 18.) The physical bar is cool but nothing that seperates it from any other establishment that sells spirits. What IS different is the music that management wants and what the clientel has come to expect when they walk in the door. Originals! Save for "Whipping Post" and "Learning to Fly" every song I performed last night was original. I again want to thank "The Town Pump" and their patrons for an awsome evening. I hope y'all had more fun than I did....But I seriously doubt it. I can't say enough how much I appreciate your hospitality, acceptance and participation. I hope to see y'all again soon.

Best Laid Plans...

...Oft times go asunder. The development of the "Etched 'N Stone" CD has been a learning experience. To say the least. The education has come from learning how to "play with the toy." ie Adobe Auditions. After getting everything right audio wise I still had to get it to a CD. Working from the starting point of total ignorance I'm happy to say, as of yesterday, I've achieved the goal of getting the music to the CD. A couple of the acoustic songs still need to be tweeked volume wise; but all in all I'm pretty darn happy with the results. Now it's just matter of the cover presentation. I hope I'm not jinxing that. But seeing as, that's what I do, I hope this end of the project will go smoother that the recording. So long as we start soon on the next album and stay in practice with "Auditions" the next recording shouldn't cause as much anxiety and hair loss.

Almost There

Put the last guitar track down last night for the "Etched 'N Stone" CD. Mix down is happening now. With any luck we'll start burning no later than Monday, Sept 30. Suckers sounding good!

The Watering Hole

From the outside looking in "The Watering Hole" looks small. But there is a concert area out back that would easily accommodate about 200 comfortably. There were probably about 100 there after the benifit ride Saturday. I played third and was chewing at the bit to play some R&R after the first two acts. They were darn good but every song was slow and laid back. I can only take so much of that. So by the time I walked on stage I was so pumped I couldn't even set down to play. Evidently everyone else was ready to rock because the reception to the first three tunes was awsome. By the fourth I had to slow it down to catch my breath. I played about an hour so I didn't even scratch the surface of the song list. I hope to be able to go back soon to "The Watering Hole" and do a whole show. It was great to be able to play for those who appreciate the music.