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June Stevenson / Blog

Scottish Festival

To vote for my video for the chance that I may perform at #CalMacCulture Copy the video link into a new page on your browser and click the thumbs up to register your like of the video. Thanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFjLgeSM8zM


New song along with video "Follow" now on my website www.junestevensonmusic.com

Need your help!!

Having being selected for the next stage of a Battle Of The Bands and the chance to win an Amp and 6 months promotion your vote would be very much appreciated! Currently sitting 4th but obviously I really need your help.

To vote go to the link below, scroll down the page and in the 3rd column you will see June Stevenson, click on my name and your vote will be counted. You can vote for me every day if you like and that would be awesome :D

Thank you in advance and this is the link: http://www.vonhatski.com/#/1st-battle-of-bands-voting/4573240911

Btw the page is quite heavy so may take a few seconds to load.

New Mesmerised

I was recently very honoured to be approached by producer/musician M2 of "M2 Musik Pub" who took my song “Mesmerised” and produced and remixed it for me. He has taken "Mesmerised" to a whole new dimension and I am delighted and extremely grateful for the finished result! M2 produces his own band Omnesia, based in Oakland, California. If you are interested in checking them out - www.reverbnation.com/omnesia

kloudworks  (about 2 years ago)

Just listening. Yes, great new version. Congrats. And, yes, Omnesia rocks:) All the best ~ kappi


Introducing you to my latest recorded song called “Mesmerised”. Mesmerised was written last year but I never quite got round to recording it and decided now would be a good time. When I wrote Mesmerised I always felt it was lacking something, something more powerful, some kind of punch, a heavy section, as it niggled away at me I decided to ask Chris Paterson (guitarist whom plays acoustic sets with me) if he would consider coming up with a heavy electric guitar part for the song. Chris very kindly accepted and Mesmerised was finally complete. I do hope you enjoy listening to Mesmerised as much as I enjoyed recording it. It was a lot of fun composing and working with Chris whom offered to add extra electric guitar parts to blend with my acoustic parts. He also laid down the bass in the heavy section too. I am very grateful and thankful that Chris became involved with this project and helped to complete the song. "Mesmerised" has been uploaded here to Reverbnation, please do feel free to tune in and listen by clicking on the play button from any of the links listed below. If you do enjoy, please feel free to share my links with your family and friends, it would be very much appreciated! Thank you for your time and I do hope that you enjoy! Stay safe and be happy always :) Direct link - http://www.reverbnation.com/c./poni/152574660 Music Page - http://www.reverbnation.com/junestevenson Website - http://www.junestevensonmusic.com With love June x

For you!

Hello again dear friends,

I am overwhelmed and extremely touched by your comments and messages. Your kindness is beyond words and has touched me emotionally!

I appreciate the time you have spent listening to my music and commenting and/or messaging me. Time is such a precious entity in all our lives and I would like to thank you sincerely for spending some of your time on my site!

Thank you again dear friends and follow you passion always :) With love June x


Hello dear friends,

I would like to begin by thanking you for your continued support and encouraging comments, I am very honoured to have so many lovely friends!

A have continued to receive messages regarding my new song “Energy” and how it came about. To answer your varies question I decided the best way forward would be to make a blog for everyone to read.

I spend some of my spare time enjoying the local beach and on one particular occasion (back in 2010) when I was out admiring the natural surroundings and walking along the sandy beach, I felt my feet sink into the sand and the lyrics evolved from there. For those of you reading this not familiar with the lyrics, I have included them within this blog.

A few months passed before the music took shape, then a few weeks later whilst on a business trip in England I decided to recorded the vocals and guitar live in a great empty hall, never travelling far without my guitar! I feel the acoustics bouncing from wall to wall speak for themselves within the recording and no effects on those parts were needed. The studio cut (which includes the live recording) however does include strings and drums to enhance the music.

For those still to experience “Energy” it can be heard at this link;


Energy lyrics: The sand gave beneath their feet The sea exhilarating in the heat Moon light skies, glimmers whilst waves sleep

The power of excitement pulsing through their veins Sweat and passion blending amid the fast flowing pace

Stopping for a breath as music filled the air His eyes held her smile reflecting all the while Could this be, really be, their energy.

Thank you again for your continued support! :) June x

A little indepth

Thank you for visiting my page. A little about me, I began writing and composing my own material in 2010 and steadily progressed with experimenting using different sounds and technics. I do what I do here for the pleasure it brings me and am truly grateful for all the constructive feedback I have received! I do not class myself as a musician, merrily someone that loves to experiment with creativity using the mind and enhancing the sounds implemented from guitar and voice to computer. Due to all the encouraging feedback that has been forthcoming on this journey, I decided to record my first album “Newfound Heights” soon to be released on-line. I perform live acoustic sets locally and in my home town, although currently I am taking time out from to record my 2nd album "Open My Eyes". A few recorded tasters can be heard at these websites: www.junestevensonmusic.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/June-Stevenson/134999239865255 Along with the above I also drum for Logic Effect an alternative rock band and also drum for a rock/goth/opera covers band too. 2012 has so far proved to be a rocking year!

1st Album Newfound Heights

Hello again :) Thank you for all your support and feedback, I have been overwhelmed with responses to my new song Walked Away (which will be on my 2nd album) the 1st album has been passed to the mastering master (Mr Mitchell whom is a good friend and not only a great Sound Engineer but also an amazing Bassist) whom is currently very busy finalizing the songs for me.

My 2nd album is in the recorded stages and the cover art for it is near completion.

Stay tuned for more details as they occur.

Thank you again for all your support and remember you can download some of my songs for free by joining the mailing list here www.reverbnation.com/junestevenson June x

Walked Away

Thank you for all the positive feedback for my new song Walked Away, I am truly overwhelmed by the amount of response and feedback I have received! Thank you again for continuing to listen to my music and for your support. Have a fantastic weekend :) June x