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YOCCO / Blog

Respect for the Aged Day!

In Japan, today is a holiday to greatly respect and admire the elderly people, which is called "KEIROU NO HI". I have only one grandmother who is hospitalized now, so I went to see her and handed over my letter I wrote to her. She was glad to receive it. She said, "I'm so happy to see you all my life ". To hear that, I almost cried so tried to hold back tears in my eyes. I just smiled. I hope she leaves the hospital soon. Thanks for your readiing:) See ya!

Kid's song CD Rease!

Hi, I'm Kimotto! How are you doing? I'm gonna release a English kids song CD on October 23! You can listen on Youtube and order it in advence on amazon Japan :) Don't miss it! I'm happy if you give your or your friends' children this cd for their birthday presents! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eO9z1LA8STI&feature=youtu.be

Amazon Japan here : http://www.amazon.co.jp/KODOMO-eigo-UTA-kimotto/dp/B00EY9KJXG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1378454200&sr=8-1&keywords=KODOMO+eigo+UTA

New Information on the Radio show!

Hi! How are you doing? my radio show is here! http://ameblo.jp/kimotto/ starts at 10 pm (Japan time) today! I'm going to inform you about my new release. don't miss it;)

The end of August!

Hi, Heat of summer comes back again in Tokyo... How are you doing? My previous radio show is here( audio archive ) : http://twitcasting.tv/kimotto_yocco/movie/18528088 I play Beer Barrel Polka with my accordion to begin with, and then sang "Say it again" from Marie Digby about 15 minutes later:) I hope you can enjoy it!

Today's radio show starts soon!

Hi! How are you doing? my radio show is here! http://ameblo.jp/kimotto/ starts at 10 pm (Japan time) today! I'm going to play with unusual instrument. don't miss it;)

My Previous Show!

My Previous Radio show is here (audio archive): http://twitcasting.tv/kimotto_yocco/movie/17976087 I sang "Torn" Natalie Imbruglia (Famous Australian singer!) and Japanese popular children's song called "Shabon-dama" which means Soap bubble. I translated this song into Japanese and I'm happy if you listen it when you have a chance. I hope you can enjoy Japanese feelings through these translated songs. I think I'm going to translate Japanese kid's songs into Japanese as much as possible and this will help intereaction and understandings among other countries' people or culture. That will be a long journey, but I believe it'll be achieved. It's my mission. Thanks for your support on Reverbnation!

Kimotto (YOCCO)

Hot Radio Show starts!

Hi! How are you today? Tokyo is so hot as usual. By the way, my radio show is here! http://ameblo.jp/kimotto/ starts at 10 pm (Japan time). I'm gonna sing a popular song of about 15 years ago. Don't miss it!!!

Bon Holiday in Japan Now!

Hi, how have you been? I'm sure you're having a nice summer vacation. Today, I have to inform you that I won't broadcast my radio show on twitcasting today.

In Japan, this time of the year is called O-Bon. It's a time to honor our ancestors. Many people take a vacation and back to their hometown This return rush called Kisei-rush.You know, Kisei-rush causes awful traffic conjestion. Horrible... but as for me, actually, I have my hometown near my house (3minutes on foot) and I have never experienced such a disaster;) What about your country's summer vacation? I hope you can enjoy this hottest summer! Thanks for reading my text, See you next letter! Kimotto (YOCCO Lead singer)

Previous radio show!

Here is my previous show (audio archive) : http://twitcasting.tv/kimotto_yocco/movie/16934606 Check it out when you have time! I sang "22" from Taylor Swift's Red to start with. After talking about favorite foods and the short trip to fukushima (small talk in Japanese), I sang "Don't tell me" from Avril Lavigne's Under my skin (30 munites later). As I have innumerable English songs I wanna try, I always wonder which song I should sing on my radio show. If you have any recommendations, please let me know on my twitter;) I always tweet in both Japanese and English. https://twitter.com/kimotto_YOCCO Japan is super muggy... the weather forecast says tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than today, the high will be 37 degree! oh my...Take care!

Muggy day's show starts soon!

Sooo muggy in Tokyo. How about your place? Anyway, lead vocal, Kimotto's twitcasting radio show starts at 10 pm (Japan time) here :


Gonna sing a few popular songs in many countries during the show, I'm a little nervous about it but give it my best shot!