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Heartheartrecords / Blog

Hear The Art- Origins

Randdom Insertion - Thoughts/feelings of inner sanction.

From a young age i new myself to be different. A very strong willed and stubborn drive to curve my own path, to strive for greatness in whatever form greatness can express. Music would be the artistic measure that would propel me forward in creating ground in which I can identify myself with along with the work i do today. My story consists of the common relationship of electronic music and the art of drug taking, which in my case, i commonly refer and relate to as medicine. Drugs i feel is more affiliated in the western world, where it has commonly evolved in opinion, as a negative (mostly) ,where i feel in truth such a word distorts its truer purpose as when delt with maturely, can act as a guide to the depth of ones own, unknown and highest self, in which when used with respect and moderately has the properties of what I relate to, not as drugs, ............ yet medicine.