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Russ Still and The Moonshiners / Blog

The Moonshiners' Big Day

May 10th was a busy one for Russ Still and The Moonshiners. Pictures and live video and audio shoots for 4 new songs.

A big thanks to Donnie Maness and all the guys at Greyjoy Media, Brody Jack for engineering, producer Tony Copley from Ledge7 Studios, the fine folks at The Barn, Sheriff Mitch Ralston, Dubs BBQ and all our new friends in Gordon County.

We can't wait for you to see the finished product.

Video Shoot

At the Grand Theatre in Cartersville today shooting a promo video for TributeABB.com. If you're close by, come on in. I'll let you know when it's posted.

Tribute - A Celebration of the Allman Brothers Band

My band, Tribute, is playing a show at the Strand in Marietta, this Saturday night July 20th, 6-8. Come enjoy a "Brew With A View" and some great ABB music. Russ

Mental Health - You're Not Alone

I was saddened to hear about Mindy McCready, the country singer, who took her life after struggles with addiction and mental illness. This news comes on the heels of my 2 older step daughters finding out that a longtime school mate, 16 years old, had killed himself. These are both tragic losses. (There are almost 100 suicides a day in the US)

I was most astonished to read a CNN report which included:

Dr. Drew Pinsky said he contacted McCready last month after her boyfriend's death.

"When I heard she was struggling, I did reach out to her and urged her to go to take care of herself, get in a facility if she felt she needed," said Pinsky, who hosts his own program on CNN's sister network HLN.

"Her biggest fear was the stigma of doing so and what people would think if she, God forbid, took care of herself. And this to me is the most distressing part of this story. She is a lovely woman, we have lost her, and it didn't have to go down like this."

The National Institute of Mental Health reports:

An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.

There is a national (and worldwide) stigma about mental health. Why? One out of 4 has a diagnosable mental health issue. I was glad to see President Obama including plans to improve mental health care as part of his plan to reduce gun violence. (Please let’s not get into the gun debate.)

There is help; good treatment, good care givers, good medication. If you are suffering, know there is a solution. There is no need to worry about what others will think. Chances are good they or someone very close to them is dealing with the same thing.

The only shame is not getting the help you need.

If you need to talk to someone, call me. 770-815-8449. I’m not kidding!

Take care of yourself. Russ

NashVegas on in 10 minutes

NashVegas will be on the radio in about 5 minutes. Listen at www.949thebull.com, iHeartradio -search for 94.9 Atlanta, or go to FM 94.9 around Atlanta.

Also, please VOTE! You can vote as many times as you like at


Week #3 for NashVegas

I'm so excited to get another round on Backyard Country this Saturday at 9pm on 94.9 The Bull.

Go to http://www.949thebull.com/pages/byc_voting.html

to vote. You're probably tired of me reminding you, but your VOTES really do count.

I appreciate all your support. Russ

Another Week on 94.9 The Bull

I've made it another week on 94.9 The Bull's BackYard Country! The show airs on Saturday Night at 9pm. Looks like NashVegas will go 6th which is around 9:20-9:30.

The important part is voting, because they won't play the song next week unless I get the top 5 votes. I totally appreciate the support I got last week, but of course I’m hoping for more of the same!! You can click the vote button until your fingers are tired.

Go to ttp://www.949thebull.com/pages/byc/ and click "CLICK HERE" to vote. The voting page won't be up until later tonight.

Thanks again for all your support.

Big News on the Home Front

NashVegas will be on 94.9 The Bull, Atlanta's Country Station, this Saturday! PLEASE!! go to http://www.949thebull.com/pages/backyard_country.html! to vote.

I appreciate your support.

NashVegas Radio Play

NashVegas has just got listed on its 100th international radio station.

From Adelaide, South Australia to Zabbar Malta. 85 cities in 17 countries including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan.

If you haven’t heard the song or seen the video check it out on Reverb Nation. http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/russstill?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav


I'm finding that it's tough to get folks to listen to my songs. Videos on the other hand, more people seem interested. I've worked with Donny Maness at greyjoy.com. He does GREAT work at reasonable prices. If you're in the SE, check them out. Russ