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Thomas Garrett / Blog

Heart Hoarder

Verse 1

When we first met you gave me respect instead of actin the boss signin checks kiss my neck fall asleep with your head on my chest now i lay in a mess your the cause for distress* And yess, I still have love but i got put myself above and forget what was Ive had enough so im gonna go You crossed the bridge i paid the toll* Made the body heres the soul You lyin i Dont hear you doe tryin though the my bags backed Cryin As her last attacked* Heartbreak i can handle that Words for you stayin on your path Be truthful was all i asked your the reason im fallin fast like a callin cast it was all an act i was all in that like had i 4 jacks,* She had four kings she was for-king Guess you win goodbye my poor thing Final sigh on to more dream Its my heart your fucking hoardin*

Verse 2

Miss you so bad i gotta be strong Instead of callin on the phone ill write another song I fight it though its wrong Dont really know whats right* I know its cause you gone my futures lookin bright Go for that jigga cause you think hes gettin figures flow sicker then a nigga that be drinkin to much liquor* A vivid picture or at least thats what im tryna paint sayin that you flyin with us we know you really aint ho i Know you hate, you just tryna score a date start fuckin with a nigga known for gettin money straight* Well honey use a dumby and your gettin nothin from me And ill let him leave you on your back or keep you on your tummy Its funny use to be silent and such now you run game kobe bryant in the clutch* tried to tie me down as i double dutch switch the ropes up your the one gettin stuck Done fucked up dirty Piss in a cup not my wish my mission was us* In he she lust so in she he bust when kids get tricks miss shit gets rough Shucks now you getta feel pain bringin new meanin to the term make it rain My sound insane my sound lame but sorry bitch im off this plane