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Lostlaura / Blog

My perfect..fans..

I don't believe anymore that someone some day will think of me: " She's an amaizing. She has so cute voice. I love her! I love her voice,songs,her music style. I like it so much! I'm her number one fan." And not just for being nice,but really,'couse that person would feel that way,,like he would feel the same feelings as I do feel..He would dance on my rap,he would fall asleep listening my trip hop stuff,hw would be just a perfect fan of me.

I never felt like someone would really like me..Everyone cares just something back,but they don't say good words because they hear them in their thoughts and mind.

Les Wilson
Les Wilson  (over 1 year ago)

I think you are great, truly. I heard you for the first time today, and your voice took me to the heart of the feelings. I mean it.

Painful true.

Why in this world lives so much unfairness? Why some people do everything,give everything what they have,the last they have,extract their hearts to love everyone,to give love and just to earn it,live with it,but nobody appreciates it... But some can buy with their big money,with their power and fame everything..People would kiss their trace,fall on their knees,even stop their life,only to meet them..to touch them..to hear..

You can become famous,but only if you do what you love,from all your heart and do what your soul says..If it is not so,then it's not you who is famous,it's just that money,you gave,promotions and an irrelevant stuff for you.