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Gre'Scale / Blog

West Coast Bound

I'm from the white ghetto P-p-plain and simple And when the beat drops It pops just like a pimple And when the mic is on They tell me I'm a martyr And as the city burns They call me fire starter Uh, I got my feet runnin on solid ground I'm talking California You're thinking small town I used to mess With all the people on the Hi-Line But now I'm far from it And I'm still doin fine

That's the first part of my verse. Keep tuning in to hear the whole song!

Just a note to say Hey!

Hey guys! Micheal Gre' here to let you know what's up. There were a lot of songs posted in the running for Painted Life, but only 5 made it in. They made up the new EP. Well it was new in 2012. Currently I'm working with my new found band on the new LP A Black Tie Affair. All songs were written by me and the music was written by all of us. Let me introduce you to them.

Spillabrew is the bassist and background vocalist. I met him when I got to pre-release and he has written tons of solo stuff, but lacks an album. In fact the last song on the album was written and sung by him. He has a punk rock style and I'm proud to have him as a friend.

Robby Cross is a metalhead all the way and his drumming drives the new sound. Wait until you hear his breakdown in Cyanide. I met him almost a year ago and we just started jamming. It's crazy how fast he catches on to the music. He's a great guy to have around and we all love him.

The song list for the album are as follows:

Born To Die Burnburnburn I Can't Take This Anymore Morphine Hate Pt 1 That Famous Walk Cyanide Fallen Shadow Hate Pt 2 Walls (untitled)

Well that's all for now. Happy listening!

The beginning of a career

Just so you know, I record with a guy named Rafe who has a studio in his basement. The sound is amazing :) I still have to record 4 more and then I'll release Painted Life. These last 4 are from different genres so the CD will have a wide variety of styles and voices. I'm so excited! I have a show coming up in the spring that will launch my career so help me get my name out there so it won't be a surprise when my CD is sold nationally :)