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Golden State Revue / Blog

April News!

The excitement of the recent event "A Day of Bluegrass" is still in the air! We wrapped up the financials on the event, and it pretty much broke even! We are so grateful to all of the people that gave the day support, and we feel that the was a great success. I need to mention a few people that were absolutely instrumental in making the day so great. Mike and Beth Martin were just fabulous! They spent the entire day at the doors selling tickets and answering questions and being friendly. the show could not have come off with out them! Leola Porter, our very own fiddle aficionado, was the treasurer of the event and kept all the money straight. The entire Golden State Revue Band did a fantastic job of setting the entire thing up and tearing it down afterwards. I feel so blessed to be among such great company. Many people that were at the event have asked us if we will be putting it on again. Our answer each time was,” if we make our money back, we will do it again." Well we broke pretty much even, with the exception of a few dollars here and there, which we were happy to cover, after seeing how much the fun people had and the genuine interest that was produced from the event. We will be putting on the 2nd Annual "A Day of Bluegrass" on April 13th, 2013. Please help us get out the word so we can keep it going for years to come. Our latest news is, that we have had to relinquish our witty and gregarious bass player, Jack Benge, to his law practice. We will miss his funny jokes and keen sense of humor! In the very large shoes that needed to be filled with a new bass player, we have found a nearly perfect fit! Joseph McNiff is now going to be thumping the bass fiddle! He is a very special guy and we know that you will all just love him as much as we do. We are so honored to have such great performers in the group, that is Golden state Revue! Watch for our events on the upcoming events page and “Like” or subscribe to us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/GSRevue