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Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal - Supernatur... / Blog

Strange New LP release soon, "Return Of The Mysterious Fog."

Currently working on a new release. Decided to pull out all stops and do whatever comes to mind in the realm of strange. Chords that don't match. Strange subjects, and so on. My most ambitious music and industrial noise art to date.

Get rid of Lobbyists

GET RID OF LOBBYISTS! The middle class needs to wake up and realize the truth about our current government with both Democrats and Republicans. They are controlled by the Corporations and mega rich power elites. They control the media too. There is no such thing as liberal or right wing media. It's all corporate media. They provide entertainment feeding the masses with division of thoughts putting Americans against each other as a diversion to gain power and money. It works too. Corporations and bankers have more cash on hand than at any time in the history of the United States and the world while the American middle class is being destroyed systematically slowly being sent into poverty. They don't care about America anymore because they have the world economy now. They don't need the middle class. They don't need America. But, they want the protection that the middle class and poor can provide for them and their power by sending them to fight the corporate sponsored wars. The middle class always fights the wars. But, what do many Vets get today when they come back home especially if injured. Bad health care, no job, food stamps, welfare and a false flag medal thank you note while the Corporations and elite power expansionists reap all the benefits of their coin glutton expansion. Cheap labor, Big Oil, Heroin drug trade, (Afgan is a trillion a year drug business) the list goes on and on. How do you think that happened? Because the Corporations and rich power elites control the government with their Lobbyists. Passing laws for themselves not you to extend their control, power and profits. It's the new mobsters. The old Mob realized to gain control of the system they had to send their sons and daughters to law school to learn law. After law school they then send them to the Washington beltway to lobby and pass those laws in their favor, the new mob. And the new mob controls the government and all mass media. All media is operated by the corporations and coin glutton rich banker new mob elites. They steal from the middle class. The Wall Streeters had the right idea in exposing the new mob. But they were quickly labeled smelly dirty Hippies and sex perverts. Classic new mob media controlled Psy-Ops. Not a signal wall street elite or banker was prosecuted in the banking debacle. Why? Because they run the government. And now we have the international Libor banking scandal which is massive and makes the last scandal look like nothing that the mob controlled media is not talking about. The middle class needs to develop a Lobbying group of it's own and send them to the Beltway and put an end to the new mob which is destroying America. OR JUST PASS A LAW AND GET RID OF LOBBYING. Obama said he was going to do this and failed. The middle class needs to step up to the plate and do it to stop the destruction. Or, it will soon be the American middle class R.I.P. And, welcome to the New World Order of slavery. The new global mob controlling a destroyed middle class America with no future. Just my thoughts and rant. Don't get mad.

Oklahoma Weather Weapon HAARP

Haarp Weather Weapon and mind control warfare Technology. It's believed China and the Russians now have this technology also which is located in Alaska. Oklahoma a target or experiment or just nature? Weather weapons are the perfect warfare weapon. No radiation. Massive destruction and you don't know if it's a military attack or nature itself that produced the devastation. Can produce massive tornadoes, hurricanes and tidal waves as well as electronic "emotion generating waves" on entire populations of humans. Entire communities can be made to feel sad, happy, irritated, and individuals can be made to do unspeakable acts of violence. (MIND CONTROL) because your brain is an array of electrical connections which can be manipulated. The NWO, New World Order is heavily involved in this fairly new technology. Some believe they are purposely melting the ice caps, breaking holes into the atmosphere with Haarp causing global warming in the north to make a north west passage for oil tankers to China. The oil company Arco has it's hands in Haarp. Extreme technology is on the move with this and lies in the hands of the few. Will this fast moving and accelerating knowledge lead to making a better world or lead to our destruction? Humans gaining knowledge was written about in the bible a long time ago during the Apple incident in Eden which should have never happened. But, it did happen and the human knowledge keeps accelerating and is now approaching the extreme for power and control. We're now maybe in the up end of that knowledge which may be leading to the apocalypse.

Ghost Encounter - Bloodied faced little girl

Ghost encounter happening in New Park when I lived in my log home there around 2003. It was around 3 in the morning when I seemed to awake, half awake half asleep. I looked over to the side of the bed and a red ball started to go up the wall into the ceiling. Then it came down from the ceiling right in front of me. It changed into a little girls face that was bloodied. It really freaked me out, but I could not move I seemed to be paralyzed. My cat Sammy was on the bed. It jumped up off the bed freaking out and ran into the closet. The little girl then said, "can you help me?" I was freaking out and very scared and said, "I'm the one who needs help!" She then moved around me and down a hole beside the bed. There was all this strange stuff going down the hole with her. I seemed to have lost my fear and reached around seemingly in a paralyzed state and grabbed her and pulled her out. She then floated up the ceiling and out the front door of the room. The next morning Robin said, "Wow, that was so weird last night, I noticed the cat jumped up off the bed last night and ran into the closet."

The Mandrell Ghost

Wrote this song "The Mandrell Ghost" around 1984 while living in Oxnard California. Went to old movie antique shop in Ventura. Walked into an old back room that was filled to the ceiling with old photos of a silent 20's movie star. Her name was Labelle LaMoore. I took one of the photos and went to front desk to buy. The shop owner said "where did you get this picture." I said in the back room. He said no one is supposed to go back there. But, he sold me the picture. Later, very strange things began to happen. Her ghost began to appear at night in my bedroom. She wore a wedding gown. One night when I was half asleep she seem to be trying to pull me out of my body. It really freaked me out as I woke up. Then she began playing the piano in the middle of the night. I remembered the melody and put it in this song.

UFO Encounter in New Park Pa

HEAVY METAL BLUEGRASS SONG - UFO ALIEN ENCOUNTER in New Park York Pennsylvania. I went over to Leta's house my drummer friend Dan his girlfriend's farm house to talk about the sci fi thriller Independent film I am working on called "Tick" about giant blood sucking mutated ticks in the aftermath of the three mile Island Nuke disaster I am producing about real strange sightings of weird mutated animals in the area by the locals. To discuss her role in the production. We talked about the film and all the things I'm interested in Alien abductions and so on. And I wanted to shoot many scenes at her farm house location out in the rural area of New Park near Stewartstown. Went home and later that night while in bed all kinds of strange things began to happen.In the middle of the night I noticed outside of my window all these round orb like lights began shooting past my window.Some flew into my bedroom and circled the ceiling then flew back out through the window and into the woods. I didn't wake Robin. Then all of a sudden a spotlike stream of light shown through the door window from the woods right into the room on Robins head and then began scanning the room. I didn't know what to think that maybe Deer hunters were in the woods behind my house spotting deer and so on.Then the lights and orbs left shooting up into the sky. The next day early in the morning I got a call from Leta with excitement in her voice. She said you wouldn't believe what happened last night! I said don't tell me yet. I then told her about the orb lights circling outside of my house and the spotlight scanning the room.She couldn't believe what I was telling her.She said the same thing happened to her. Two large looking crafts with lights hovered over her barn last night and stayed there stationary above the barn then moved above her house for about 10 minutes shining lights into the barn and house. Then they shot off into the sky. TRUE STORY! My hand on the Bible. UFO ENCOUNTER or What? I then wrote and recorded this song White Lightning Has Cracked The Sky performed live in cousin Mike's Barn. Lenny Wiles Guitar, Cousin Mike Wiles Guitar, Tom Wiles Bass, Dave Wiles Drums. The Wiles Boys are back in town!

Rehemeyer's Hollow Witch HEX COUNTY

Wanted to mention a true story here. Robin Sparrow was with me so she can verify it. We were driving down this road leading to Rehemeyer's Hollow. Right in the middle of the road there was this woman dressed like a Mennonite. Not in black but in a pure white dress with the Mennonite hair piece on her head. Her dress was torn. She was staring like a Zombie walking right in the middle of the road staring forward with a blank stare coming toward us. I slowed down beside her rolled my window down and asked if anything was wrong. She didn't say anything, didn't look at us and just kept walking slowly by. I thought maybe I should call 911 thinking maybe something bad had happened to her. Rape or something. I then looked in my rear view mirror as she passed and she was gone. True Story. Strange place down there. I think that's why York county Pennsylvania is called "HEX COUNTY."

Bubble Bee Aliens seen?

On the same day that a huge meteor crashed in Russia after breaking up over the Ural Mountains and injuring more than 1,000 people, two residents of Grants Pass, Oregon videotaped something very odd in the sky above their home. A UFO. At first I thought it might be the Reptilians hurling meteors at us since it occurred on the same day when that big rock hit Russia. But now, it might have been the bubble bee Aliens. Their usually human friendly. Maybe they are just observing what the Reptilian Dracs are up to. As seen in the video they can move their crafts up and down real fast and back and forth. They built their crafts based on their own flight capabilities as they evolved from earth and made their way into space. Their from an ancient bee hive known as the Ganti's who evolved over millions of years from Africa and became master starship builders and actually live in giant hives in space and fly around in swarms throughout the cosmos. How do I know this. The Annuaki Alien living in my basement told me. Check out the video. http://youtu.be/L_LyBLocgm8

Gazing into infinity with sound

A little bit of sound science in here about digital vs. vinyl records. Recordings on vinyl the sound waves, tone and so on actually extend out into infinity. Whereas, with digital music, CD's, there is a wall where it stops. It's finite. So, when listening to recordings on vinyl on a turntable your actually hearing and gazing into infinity with your ears. That's why it sounds better.

Reptilians hurl meteor at Russia?

A huge meteor rock hit Russia hurting around a thousand people. A comet recently hit the planet Jupiter our next door neighbor to earth causing a massive explosion across the landscape documented from a astronomer. You can see pictures and video on youtube. No one got hurt except for a few Annuaki mining operations going on there. Earth is the size of a needle pin head though compared to Jupiter. Much harder to hit. Small target. But, someday no doubt one of those big rocks are going to hit the Bulls eyes. That's why we need to start colonizing space if the human race wants to continue or humans may possibly face extinction. Hopefully the Reptilians aren't pointing and hurling those big rocks at us like they did in the last Cosmic earth war with the Annuaki before humans took up residence here according to all those Conspiracy Theorists out there. The Shape Shifting Reptilian sector called the 9th sector Dracs from Draconia near Keplar 22-B now controls the U.S. and world governments. The 13th sector now wants that control. If so, we may need to bring out the Laser Beams to break up those big hurling rocks before impact or maybe hurl them back at the 13th sector Dracs with a gravity neuron chaser! How to get the 9th sector Dracs out of our government so us humans can gain back our own control? Don't know. Beam me up Scotty we're under attack from both sides!