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Heavy Sigma / Blog

Heavy Sigma EPK written by Heath Andrews.

The Patrick Lew Band’s story doesn’t start off too atypically, it’s the age-old tale of a young thirteen year-old boy that picks up the guitar and finds out that rock & roll makes life a whole lot cooler than what it was. Flash forward through the years of friends, start-up bands, school, life in general, and eventually Lew found himself playing with his group, Band of Asians before having to invest his energies fulltime into college. Once he became settled in at California State University, going for his B.A. in Philosophy and Music, Lew began investing time into the Patrick Lew Band.

While primarily a rhythm guitar player, Lew’s been able to self-record much of his own music with a larger band sound by picking up the bass and programming some drum and percussion tracks to accompany him. He’s also been able to collaborate with a lot of different musicians over the last ten years, each of them contributing to the library of songs in Heavy Sigma’s arsenal. The legion of talented performers has included drummers David Arceo and Tommy Loi, guitarists Eddie Blackburn and Jeremy Alfonso, and keyboardist Zack Huang. Currently Lew is supported by keyboardist Greg Lynch, bassist David Hunter, and drummer and loving wife, Faith Marie Lew.

Most of Heavy Sigma’s material is instrumental, best described as “garage punk and grunge meets 70’s classic rock.” It has steadily been gaining popularity due to the entrepreneurial efforts of Patrick and Faith Marie Lee. Popular independent music website, ReverbNation.com currently ranks the band as the #1 group on the Punk genre charts from the Contra Costa County section of the Bay Area. Similar distinctions have been earned from the continued success of Lew’s music on other musical websites such as SoundCloud and SoundClick. Full versions of several of Lew’s songs can be found on these sites.

The last few years have seen a consistent string of album releases. 2009 brought about the releases of Curb Your Wild Life and Let it Rise and Against. These were followed up by 2011’s Murder Bay, and the 2012 Heavy Sigma release, Oddities: Studio Demos. And if you want to hear the progression of Lew’s music, you can also find the albums he released with Band of Asians, Band of Asians, Live!, Revenge, and The I Product. All of Lew’s catalog can be purchased through iTunes.

The phrase, “guitar hero” has been tossed around lately with an almost casual disregard, but Patrick Lew embodies many of the qualities one needs to have to truly be a guitar hero. Through the years he’s worked his way up from being a young Taiwanese boy with a passion for music, to a one-man, garage, punk, grunge, hard rock band. By always remaining true to himself, true to his music, and true to his artistic vision, Patrick Lew has created in the Patrick Lew Band and Heavy Sigma, a dynamic sound, unparalleled in the burgeoning music industry.

Websites: Reverb Nation - http://www.reverbnation.com/patricklewsband Reverb Nation – http://www.reverbnation.com/heavysigmaband Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/heavysigma MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/patricklewsband Sound Click – http://www.soundclick.com/patricklewband

The updated work in progress for the album Taiwanese Rebels is on sale.

16 minutes of the new Heavy Sigma album completed. You can buy the work in progress as an MP3 file on the band's ReverbNation page for $1.75

It's in the past. But it was sure on helluva time.

A local Bay Area post-hardcore band I formerly played rhythm guitar and temporarily pursued a music career in. I've met several close friends and acquaintances during my high school and community college years, and sharing a similar passion and interest for performing and recording rock and roll music, brought myself and my former bandmates together to create one major album in a Daly City recording studio (2006 release "Revenge") and tour with local bands Tinkture and Scarlett Bombs across San Francisco on-and-off during 2007 with KLC Productions. We've attempted many times to land a licensing deal and other musical opportunities as a band at the time, but unfortunately never materialized. The Band of Asians disbanded amicably in early 2008, and I continued my music career and passion for it in other bands and alone since then.

What is Heavy Sigma?

One of my major accomplishments as a musician came from playing guitar, songwriting, and musically advertising and marketing alone or with other freelance musicians in the Patrick Lew Band since my freshmen year in high school. We mainly play garage punk and grunge types of music as recording artists, and had gained some recognition and critical success for our music and persistent efforts. As of March 2012, this band is on indefinite hiatus so everyone involved including myself can focus on our own projects individually.

Aside from the Patrick Lew Band, my other focus as a Bay Area rock musician is through my solo efforts and attempts at creating new music under the moniker Heavy Sigma. Sometimes, my fiancee and long-time girlfriend Faith does some electronic production and managing with this one-man rock band. Currently, Heavy Sigma is signed to Seattle based indie label Anti-Nonsense Networking (ANN) and sporadically records in the studio, putting all pieces of music online for recognition and for the sake of being a musician.

The status of my new album...

Pushing my new Dubstep influenced album Taiwanese Rebels to hit the airwaves some time before 2012 is over. Been kind of busy with a lot of important things and trying to better myself as a person. I'm 100% sure and confident that my new music will be unpredictable as always and will offer something interesting to my peeps. Patrick

The Internet helped me become recognized as a musician.

I came during a generation, where bands and musicians didn't need to sucker themselves into signing with a major record label, getting on TV and radio, and doing mass live performing as a way of bigger exposure. I came during a time where the computers and social-media made it more possible for the little or middle fish in the pond to get themselves heard. Despite my love for 90's rock, I highly doubt I would have been recognized back then like I am now supposedly, and it's not a money thing either. It's recognition and making an audience.

A give thanks to my high school Wallenberg.

Whenever my high school reunion happens for Raoul Wallenberg High School for c/o 2004, I will be handing out copies of my music on CD I made with Heavy Sigma to the peeps I went to school with. As a token of appreciation and to give back to everybody. I started my Bay Area music career back in freshmen year at age 15 by the way! :) Patrick

Parts of my new album Taiwanese Rebel is on sale as an mp3 file.

9 minutes of the new album finished. I'll be back to work on it later on the computer. Need that extra smoke break and time to chill on the TV to watch from all that digital music making. :) My work in progress so far is currently can be purchased as a single mp3 file on my Heavy Sigma ReverbNation page for $1.99. I'll be back to work on something epic! Patrick

I got an idea for a new Patrick Lew solo album. Yay! :) Read on.

I'm working on the new Heavy Sigma album right now. Turns out it's gonna be an LP which one long track on it, which is an experimental sound collage which I'm aiming to run at least 42 minutes at least. It's gonna be called "Taiwanese Rebel: The Fall and Rise of Modern Anti-Heroes." When it's finished, I'll let you peeps know and you can take a gander. I'm taking archives of recorded sound files musically to create a strange yet interesting experience on record. Patrick

Haters are my motivators.

I'm gonna vent a little bit. Most of my life, a lot of girls thought I was nothing but a weird sack of shit that is not good enough for them or would never amount to anything in life. When they did that, that really did hurt a lot you know. It put more pressure on me to be the best at what I do, shove what they thought up their kilt, and become a better partner and hubby for my woman Faith. If I didn't have Faith, I would have been the biggest failure so I'm very lucky to have her.