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Antoine " Legond " Andrew / Blog


As i walk among the rest of these people on this earth that i was put on, Iv seen manny faces of evil and felt the breeze of an angel touch an open mind. One man alone with willingness to change himself can change the whole world.Those who fall in the deps of the darkness with no care of coming out shell remain and never gain.To whom shell search persis tords the light will find an open door, one door will open as well as one will close.Corruption of ones mind caused by addiction to what drains, blocks out or numbs pain momentarily is just suicide to the mind,body heart and sole.If we never felt pain then we would never become stranger as a person. Surrounded by destruction you can construct your surrounding to what you please. Becoming a follower you never find yourself as a person and grow as an individual you'll only be another in the crowd wishing to come out. Every stroke you take swimming through lifes water will build you as a person but you can't swim forever-Legond

Inside Legond

The reason why I do music? Well its less then a job but more of a responsibility.Music is a way i cope with lifes ups&downs,goods&bads Dreams&Nightmares from both a Artist point of view and a fan point of view.From a fan point of view I get to listen an relate feel someone ells emotion get a felling of what there goin through.I ain't got to take music seriously no more.I can just listen an injoy others music.I don't have to sit there an feel like I have to wach what every artist is doin at that point. From a artist point of view is where the responsibility comes in an I got to take it seriously! because I know I got to not only give people what they want but also still be me an give people that same feelin that other artist have made me feel an inspired me to do what I do.Ill never change who I am just to make someone ells happy.But knowing how much music can realy do to a person&How much people realy pay attention to artists,stars actors an all the great stuff realy makes me put my heart on a sleeve&Put in that extra effort in everything I do .I don't want anyone to feel like they don't know me,I wont someone to feel comfortable enough to where they feel like family.I don't have nothing to hide from anybody they way I present myself an carry myself,the words I say in songs 100% me.I put every once of emotion into everything I wright every song I make.I know an have excepted the fact i wont be here forever.I not only want to be good or the best at what I do or the greatest but I want to know I stood befor the world pretty much an said "This is me here are my flaws iv excepted them I hope yous do the same an just love me for who I am" because theres not a better feelin that you can have beside feelin excepted.Once you have been excepted you have the world in your hands.Its up to you at the point to show everbody that you where worth excepting.With the voice I was givin I plan to do just that.I myself as a person wont be here forever but you give thruth,happiness,fear, excitment,sadness greatniss ect. a voice people will listen&I'm goin to make sure my voice lives forever.-Legond

My words

You know that feelin you get when you get the chills just all the excitement,happiness, you nervous, anxious , motivated , scared, you fell above it all, but your fallin, you fell like nobodys waching you,but the hole world is. You think your messing something up but at the same time everythings so perfect. You want to just give in an give up but you want to keep moving forward just to see what happens an how something different feels.Where its like your in a nightmare but your trying to live out a dream,nobody wants to see you fail,but nobody wants to see you succeeded.Thats the feelin i get when I close my eyes an im recordin a song or on stage.The feeling that come after is the most comforting feelin of them all. Accomplishment,the feeling you should get everyday.You should wake up knowing your tryin to better yourself an your surroundings.Life is not something ment to be waisted.Dreams are something not ment to be slep on.Keep your mind outerspaced think and no there's no limits.Open your eyes an look in the mirror to the greatest thing that's has been givin to this world.(You).Individuality Creativity&passion can take you far.Stay loyal to youself&Know Your are the greatest -Legond

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