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Vile Ent / Blog

The Vile Ent Story - A Man Made of Wood

A man made of wood...Part tree and part human, he is an Ent, as revealed in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. He is Vile because he is ugly and everyone hates him. Also because he has sinned, and re-viled for doing so. He has committed acts of violence, thus his name Vile Ent. Forever branded, cursed, and exiled by his community, Vile lives a life of shame and torment alone in the vast, dark, depressing, and unpopulated forests of Entwood. He survives by chomping on boulders and sucking the sap of female trees, wishing for the company of the ever-so-rare bird visitor to Entwood. Until ONE DAY...

Grace is visited upon him by the unlocking of the massive metal doors that confined his spirit. He realizes one thing...That his mission is to destroy the forces of hate...WITH LOVE. Thus his lifeforce becomes dedicated to deconstructing everything, that has ever oppressed the spirit and the expression of the spirit thereof. Toward this purpose, Vile Ent formed a band called Violent Christ, and has now struck out on his own. With these musical forces in his wooden hands, (A HYBRID ORGANIC/CYBER-SEED OF SONIC DETH), he inseminates a revolution to spread the word of Destruction, Deconstruction, Healing, and Love. Vile Ent is here to do his part in creating universal equilibrium, but not without a few dead bodies along the way. Some of us are too far gone to survive the healing process....