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Hannah's Defense / Blog

Lemons And Life

If life hands you lemons, why not make sweet tea? This story sounds no good when you lay it back to me... a challenging embrace when eyes are locked on you. I've got the love if you've got the glue. Bring it back to me, I feel alone. If it's sights that you want to see that inspire you to move on, I beg to have you next to me... Bring it back, bring it back... our happy. These are lyrics to a song I'd like to record. After watching Hanson's "Strong Enough To Break" documentary about Mercury Records merging with Island/Def Jam and interluding them into creating their own Hanson label, 3CG Records, I've been inspired and more uplifted than I was before. Song magic can happen when you're the most vulnerable.


Regular life seems to get ahold on you and writing a full song hasn't come about in far too long. I've been wanting to cover Iron and Wine, and a Marit Larsen song… the 30 minutes to 1-hour official recording time hasn't taken place yet, but life will get there. Cheers and wishes! ~Hannah

You make Me happy

So very thankful for any new viewer, whether it's for a minute they stay to listen, or for a whole song... I really love music and if for any reason one of my Notes reaches out to you then I'm glad music can be an open connection.

I'm still learning about what I ultimately have to offer to the wind of this world. But what I've noticed is that music keeps everyone at a certain ease...

I hope your day brings you amazing wonder.


The error of your ways

May I conclude that I am becoming more aware than ever before. The extent of life consuming your time when you'd rather be bonding with your talent..your soul.

I wrote 3 songs in one night the other day. I felt blessed to be surrounded by inspiration.

May I share them with you soon :)

much loving regards, hannah

Got to update today

I just realized, Oh my gosh there is so much great music out there and I'm so excited I just need to continue branching out! I have several songs with vocals that all just need to be re-tweaked momentarily and then can be shared with you all. I have this overwhelming sense of creativity today I can't wait to go to work and come back. (Oh yeah I have one of those 'real jobs') Lol. Enjoy your afternoon! 3 HRC

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Everything under the sun

Hey everyone, those I know in life and on the net...

Slowly but tenderly have I been practicing and recording new things. I recently uploaded "I Saw You," a short piano track which to me depicts both sadness and relief. I've been going thru a few emotional changes, and I bet you couldn't tell what my outlet for that is? You got it... writing songs.

Piano today, guitar tomorrow?

I want to upload voice tracks but I am oh so nervous on that fact.

We'll see :) Hope you enjoy, thought this would be a much needed update.

Hannah over and out.

Hey and Welcome!

Hey world! I'm Hannah, it's so nice to meet you. I just wanted you to know that I've been writing music for most of my life and now is a wonderful time to start sharing it! Thank you so much for listening this is a sincere honor for me. I do believe I'll be able to keep things posted if not daily than weekly. I play instrumentals and also write and cover other music. Besides movie/video game soundtracks, a few artists that do inspire me are Mandy Moore, Kate Nash, Christina Perri and above all Hanson. Being an artist is my passion and I'm ready to jumpstart a few hearts! -Hannah