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Waiting for news, "Gavetta Story" (biographical story in episodes about my musical experiences) reruns, start by now . Reruns will be posted on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/JohnnyVenom.OfficialPage ) and on Twitter ( @ Johnny_Venom ). Stay Tuned! In attesa delle novità, da oggi partono le repliche di "Gavetta Story", il racconto biografico a puntate delle mie esperienze musicali. Le repliche saranno postate su Facebook ( www.facebook.com/JohnnyVenom.OfficialPage ) e su Twitter ( @Johnny_Venom ). Stay Tuned!




Johnny is creating his first solo album in this second part of the summer. Lyrics are ready and from friday he began to record the instrumental parts. Album will be released on October or November and a single (maybe a video too) will anticipate it. Album is still without a name.


From when I began to create music or lyrics i thinked for a thing, a true thing: the real sound is oldie! It was the 1998: in my room i composed the first lyrics for a band, the ASH WEDNESDAY... I played hard rock and i was a drummer! The band was formed with friends but i went to live in another village with my family; friends couldn't always come to test our songs so the band exists only with the name and rights so the project is never dead...but ever never played live! A year after i came back to my original place where i lived before and after another year i began to create techno pieces with two childhood's friends, CARLO TURNU and DJ SOSTANZA: the first step to the creating was to mix little loops of other songs and after a few months we found a right program for us and we continued our productions on a professional way. In the 2001 i became punk thanks a friend, DANIELE "UNDERDOG" CARDU that saied i seemed Sid Vicious and i interessed to listen to the songs of this kind of music, With ZAZA' MAGNUS, we wanted to produce punk-electronic songs but we didn't found memebers so only in the 2002 we passed on a style more minimal than the previous. Even if we created many songs I was bored for the sound, too unhappy and annoying for my preferences (when you're punk never can change your way, only it can modifie moments) so in the 2003, after a Clash's TV special reportage and video biography i discover my real way: i gotta be a punk rocker! I created new songs, punk songs (some tracks are VIOLENT FACES reheasals now) and a new band, THE SCOUNDRELS. At the beginning the band was formed with ZAZA' MAGNUS on drums and RITCHIE DANGEROUS on bass but we didin't found a guitarist until another year when RUSTY RAMONE was in the band. In that year Ritchie began to take a different way cause he didn't trust in our band...result: i took the bass and THE SCOUNDRELS was born. In the 2006 the first interviews in Rome, where Rusty went to work, for TV and radio. Then Rusty went to live in Conegliano, near Treviso (North Italy) and i went there a year after. In Conegliano we re-founded THE SCOUNDRELS (at the beginning re-called DEAD SCOUNDRELS cause i just feel it was a dead project but at the time same songs permited us to play) with two Rusty's friends that chose the names JAK DANYELS and ELVIS DRUNK but they weren't real punks, they didin't feel music like I feel and like Rusty feels...there were only two punks in the band and only two mads and they were us so the project broke in the 2009 for other reasons but the end was appearing just many times. Finally on february of the 2011 me and Rusty met a drummer, LUCKY KING, and i produce a sound that Rusty and me were finding from much time and the first album of our new band, "8 Ball". On november or december of this year will be released an EP with 6 songs, re-elaborated from the past era of THE SCOUNDRELS, on full VIOLENT FACES style. always produced from me