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Tim White & Joe Paulino / Blog

inhale this #6

if you check in here, you may notice that we haven't been keeping our RN site up-to-date. Bad Us! But there's only so much time in a day, and it's hard enough just keeping current with our Facebook posts. It might be different if we were touring or had a cool new video to share. Social Media is a double edged sword - how much do you really want to share with a bunch of strangers? I'll tell you how much it is for me: My music and my best wishes for all of you. After that, it's all about Friends & Family. But here's the latest: well over 300 CDs sold. About 20 independent radio stations adding us to their New Age Playlists. Great reviews from LA Yoga, Common Ground, Awareness Magazine and the Marin Independent Journal. What we're finding is that there's a magic moment when two people on opposite sides of a transaction recognize the humanity of the person on the other end. This is the connection we hunger for, and we are trying to make it happen one person at a time. I still see more hype than heart in most social media, and that is the opposite of what inhale slowly is about. If you really do want to keep in touch, please "like" us on FB as Tim White and Joe Paulino, because for better or for worse, for the present time, I don't think we're going to be checking in here more than every month or so. Our very best to all of you! Joe (and Tim)

inhale this #5

I can't say enough nice things about Lee Flynn and her wonderful Gallery/Store in Pt. Reyes Station. It's the perfect place for unique gifts with great spirit. My wife and I have gone there many times over the years, and always enjoyed the treasures we've found. Now you can also get inhale slowly there. Lee held my hand through my first wholesale experience, and afterward I could have kissed her in gratitude. In under two weeks, we've sold 100 CDs, and what we're hearing back is extremely positive! Stay tuned as we gradually broaden the circle of folks who will take the time to relax and inhale slowly! Thanks!

inhale this #4

We traced our CD shipment from Oasis (great people, good work, fair prices, excellent value) from Lawnside, New Jersey to Philly to Baltimore to Louisville to Oakland to San Pablo to Tim's house. Tuesday they arrived looking and sounding GREAT! Yesterday Tim and I had a mailing party, sending out the pre-orders. This morning, I was listening to Morning Chai at Sartaj, the Indian Restaurant that inspired and sustained us through this process. Right there I sold two copies and could have sold a third if I had it with me. This is good music! You should have it in your life!

inhale this #3

Sometimes, the process of creating something designed to help people relax (like our CD inhale slowly) can become something that's not very relaxing. I can't begin to tell you how many times we've looked at the same words, phrases, paragraphs, designs... only to find yet another typo or misplaced comma. Last night, during yet another phone conversation with Tim, I have to admit - I was not always polite. But things are settled now. We are happy. Friday the master trax went off to Oasis for duplicating, and today we sent them the graphic files. This is a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT, and I am gonna go celebrate right now by inhaling, slowly. We both want to thank all the folks who have pre-ordered. From the bottom of our hearts, we believe this is a CD worth having, and worth listening to time and again. Come Nov11, (our new, no kidding really, official Release Date) we think you'll agree. Take care!

inhale this #2

Our meeting with Ellen at Bullseye Creative couldn't have been more fun. She liked the work we did so far on the CD artwork, and seemed to have an idea about where it needed to go from there. Thanks to Tim, and my own rather retentive proofreading, our website is up, and the thirsty masses can now order their very own copies of our Magnum Opus. My dream is for millions of people around the world to be getting healing, restorative massages to our beautiful music. Myself included.

inhale this #1

Truth to tell, I just don't think we're gonna be blogging all that much. Tim and I feel that inhale slowly is really more about the music than about us. Folks who've heard the CD in its entirety tell us they like it more each time they listen, so when we actually have some fans, we'd much rather they be more interested in the music than what we have to say about it.

We're still gearing up for our 11/1/11 Release Date because it's such a cool number. Finalizing text, meeting with our designer, and getting ready for sending our Master Disc off for duplication. Daryn Roven, our Mastering Engineer did a GREAT JOB, and needless to say, we are quite excited and pleased with where the project is right now. All the best to you, and remember, for best results: inhale slowly.