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Glenn Kitch / Blog

Wicked Glen

Open your eyes from a deep sleep to see an ivory skyline. Is your first thought that this means the storm has passed? Is it in an interim before the heavens burst open in a down pour? Is the sky only emulating the faint sunlight encased by vagabond clouds? As your vision adjusts you see they're are no clouds to account for. Will the sky become a whiter shade of pale, or darken to ebony with only the light of stars piecing the shroud of night? You stand up as you have been laying with your back to the earth, naturally as you where sleeping. You begin to notice the oddity of the backdrop that has saturated your sight.

A second glance to the heavens to determine the sky shows no signs of change, as if time is dormant. The grass seems to have no true color showing, just a gray tint to every blade from the sky's reflection. Indifference and neutrality can become overwhelming when it is applied with such imbrication to a mind just waking. The grass is long, not manicured, yet uniform. A sign of purity? A genuinely untainted chasm of land? Does this mean it's neglected and forsaken? A breeze comes over the land waving the long gray grass in sync as far as your eyes can see. No blade out of place, lagging or preceding from its tide. A wave can be disheartening if you fear it's power of entrapment. Yet the beauty of such synchronization can completely relax your mind. Does the thought of a breeze in this valley cool and calm your body, or send a shiver down your spine in this desolate arena? Is serenity here? Do you know how it feels? Do you feel stricken with with a virus of despair? Do you look deeply into the landscape searching for a radiance that heals?

With in the plain you see a circle of trees close to your location. Walking to it's center you perceive it's visibly imperfect. Could you be guarded by the band with a sense of security or frightened by it's impending constriction. The towers of life are a shade compared to the surrounding land. Alone yet bonded are the trees. They themselves conjure your mind to wonder if they're loneliness or unity where they stand. Follow each ones base and you see they seem to only share one root. Do they leech off each other? Could each be trying to invoke its own schism? They all coexist within this root as if to each a brother. A simple design to a complex system? Shared life can be a blessing. A sign against detachment. Yet a union can be cursed if unprotected and dis serving. Each limb gracefully hangs lifeless and still. Calmly towards the ground naturally at ease. Relaxed and unbound. Are they all showing signs life is draining? Could they be loosing strength with an unceremonious decent? Look to the sky again, it is unfaltering with consistency. Walk far out into the abyss of this portrait of earth. Close your eyes and think of this undefined land. What does it mean? What is it worth? Is this valley exulting, peaceful, and pure? A calming piece of heaven? Is it depressing, unnerving, and pained? Nothing more than a wicked glen unforgiven?

Our world has a habit of misdiagnosing, misinterpreting, and misconceiving. So do I. I am only human and I must accept that perfection and human are not the same. Can there not be a middle? A gray area not over thought or over reacted? Can it not be that simple?