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Recording Artist Troy Petty: Using Music to Speak to the World by Cyrus Webb With my schedule I am not able to attend as many live events as I would like, but when I discovered the music of Troy Petty and James Tristan Redding in 2013 (and learned they were coming to my home state of Mississippi), I know that was one event I had to attend. Petty is a artist that definitely bares it all in his music, and the listener is better off because of it. His album FAIRY TALE PEN is one that you will find yourself listening to again and again---and each time you will discover something unique and mesmerizing about it. "I put myself through some tests to see if this was really what I wanted to do," Petty told me after his appearance in Mississippi. "I started pretty early on (about 8 years old) and growing through my teenage years I was pretty isolated. I imagined being on stage and carried on with my life. Music has been a form of therapy, something that became a part of me. It was something I could always rely on. As I was getting into my adult years I knew I was going to do it for the rest of my life regardless." That is how I know that Troy Petty is an artist in every sense of the word. "I don't know what it would feel like to not have music," he confessed. I can tell you from experience that he gives a part of himself away to the audience with every performance---and his project FAIRY TALE PEN is probably his most personal to date. "I had a group of songs that I couldn't get out of my head," he explained. "At first they were just for my own personal satisfaction. I was feeling kind of vulnerable... I can't not be honest. I went for broke and picked the ones (songs) that moved me the most. FAIRY TALE PEN tells the story of what it's like to be an artist. I dug deep and really put myself out there." Instead of feeling afraid, Petty says the release has had an opposite effect. "It was very liberating and like a renewal," he says. "A lot of times when I hear certain songs it's like a reminder: 'Look at what you did.' Everytime I hear it (the album) I am very grateful." Stay connected with Troy Petty on Twitter at www.twitter.com/troypettymusic as well as on Reverbnation at www.reverbnation.com/troypetty. Information about his album and current projects can also be found on his website www.troypettymusic.com.

"Fairy Tale Pen" Album Review

There are a number of artists that come to mind when listening to Troy Petty's latest album Fairy Tale Pen. His vocals fall into a similar category as Brian Molko of Placebo while the sincerity and gravity of his compositions have a Jeff Buckley-type flair about them. Musician Jay Wills joins Petty in order to contribute his drum and percussion work on this release. Petty has done the rest of the work including vocals, guitar, keys, harmonica, and bass himself. This full-length release is on the shorter side in that it consists of only eight tracks, but what Petty lacks within the number of tracks he makes up for in the depth that can be found within each one. Petty constructed previous albums in a way where he would start on a high note and gradually lead the listener further into the album with tracks of more musical importance and depth and then level out once again by the end of the release. Fairy Tale Pen, on the other hand, was constructed in a way meant to allow a constant plain of interest and intensity throughout the entire album. This is a consistently mellow release that encourages both steady reflection upon Petty's lyrics as well as contemplation within yourself. "In A Girl," a song about finding yourself within another person, is a great example of this. This girl that Petty speaks of has encouraged him to become an altogether better man. This is a memorable, stand-out track that would be fitting as the musician's first single. Like much of his songs Petty has structured "Becoming" with a foundation of guitar strumming. Distinctions are added in the way of subtle background vocals positioned here and there throughout. His music, especially within this track, often comes across with an airy, joyful sound that draws parallels to Christian music. In previous releases and group projects Petty has varied his work between his acoustic and electric tracks. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with his work that utilizes electric guitar, such as the efforts put forth in his group The Last Dark Show, this album focuses solely on his acoustic work. The album often contains little more than Petty and his acoustic guitar. A haunting, yet serene grayscale photo of a concrete child angel serves as the release's album cover, which complements the equally ominous and tranquil album well. Being the title track, "Fairy Tale Pen" not only works as the crux of the album, but it also serves as the very essence of Petty's musical career. It is as if he has let the listener in on some of his innermost thoughts and struggles. You get the feeling this has not been the only time he has thrown his inhibitions to the wind and placed honesty at the forefront of his concern. "I Will Miss You This Halloween" serves as the album closer. He has constructed the song around a soft composition that includes not much more than an acoustic guitar. A constant strumming pattern allows for a soothing mood and grants more attention to the lyrics. Although each track supplies separate interest points the album as a whole contains a similar tempo from start to finish. Petty's soft vocals and the release's leisurely melodies were stylistic choices for the musician, but it would be interesting to hear a handful of more upbeat melodies for diversity's sake. In addition, the fact that he relies so heavily on chord progressions makes many of his songs sound similar. All in all, however, Fairy Tale Pen has encouraging lyrics and soft melodies that have much to contribute to modern music. Artist: Troy Petty Album: Fairy Tale Pen Review By Alec Cunningham Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

Gearing up for post production on NEW album!

The time is getting oh so near..oh dear, another record almost finished. What to do when it's done?..shoot video, tell fans, get a little press then SHARE!

Recording, Recording, RECORDING!!

Yes, the time has arrived..on Sept 1st, Troy will be entering the studio to record an acoustic album titled "Fairytale Pen" featuring a sonic redo of "I WIll Miss You This Halloween." The single should make it's way out of the box along with a music video sometime in October, then the release of the album is scheduled for November/December.