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Mari & Paprika Jazz / Blog

What I am doing during summer..

I always wish to change myself in better way. I notice that what changes me is not school books and advice of instructors. My peers change me. interesting..

My mother shows me a photo of grant-grandfather

She says that my face is alike to grant-grandfather. He was Haiku poet and water color painter. I think that free jazz like Ornette Coleman is similar to modern water color painting.

It's fun to play at high school!

This afternoon, I have a gig to play in front of audience of all high school students. They listen to our music like Rock concert! I think that there is no difference between jazz and Rock.

awesome gig!

My New Year Eve gig was awesome. Pianist started music in unexpected afro cuban rhythm which was so hip that I became extra excited and I did'nt remember what stuff I played. Audience talked me that I played fantastic so i may play petty well. it's a first experience.for me to play out of mind. Interesting!

I got a big present

I have never imagined that I play big tenor sax. But yesterday this Mark VI tenor suddenly come to my house. It's my destiny to play tenor?? It's not joke, it's real. I feel it is a big present for me now.

What I am doing this summer!

I write new original tunes for my EP. I also look for new soprano saxophone for these tunes. Moreover, I practice scat Solos. Duladadalala! I love Chet Baker's scat Solos.

Will miracle happen?

I was very material and practical girl in Japan. However, in U.S., i dream if my dream will come true. It's interesting.

Intere Sante

I sometimes think that I have an special ability. My friend lives far away; however, I often feel when he wants to say something to me. In Japan, I was just an ordinary girl.

Do something different.

I left my saxophone to repair shop in Oakland.My lovely saxophone will be there for three days. Oh my god. I always drive with my saxophone. I open the door of ice cream shop then. People walking in the street are looked different as usual. I listen to Hip Hop. I go to a birthday party of my friend. ..and? I feel something missing!

Love Latin Jazz, succer and tacos!

After moving to U.S., I know that Latin music is extra amazing!These things always save my life when I am in bad mood. The ballade of Latin jazz is very pretty. Moreover, I had a great experience to play in a Latin big band for three months as 1st alto. The great person who gives me the chance is one of my mentors. Love Latin jazz !