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Artifas / Blog

Keeping you updated

We are all excited that this album is finally getting recorded. It is sounding great, Blake Allison has been doing an amazing job with this and this thing is sounding really good.

I can't, nor do I think any of us can put into words how great it is to be working with someone who is actually good at what he does and is actually worried about us putting out a quality product and not worried about getting more drugs to snort up his nose.

We hope to be able to say soon when the album will be officially released and also hope to have a CD release show to announce soon.

We might even have a small, private listening party and people who keep up with this site and read this blog just might happen to be able to be there.....

We have slacked for a while

It has been a while since we updated this blog. Sorry about that.

Things have been pretty hectic for us over the last couple of months. We keep getting told that some things are going to happen, get excited about it, then find out it was never going to happen.

After months of uncertainty about what is going to happen to us, we have decided to take matters into our own hands. After the show this weekend we will all be living much closer together which will allow for more of what we did last night and will do today.... REHEARSAL!!!!

It was nice to get back into a rehearsal room and work out some kinks, bring back some songs, add a new song.... This change in our set will allow for the show to be much more fresh and should re energize an already energetic show!

Some change is good, some is bad, it is almost always scary.... but we will make the best of it and keep bringing it every night on stage.

We are looking forward to branching out a bit on the next few runs we are making, even getting down into Florida a bit. It should be fun, we are excited. We love playing in front of new crowds. We love playing in front of repeat crowds.... We just basically love playing in front of a crowd.

If you can bring a crowd, we will show up and play!

More shows and then???

We will be playing out quite a bit over the next month. Mainly through the south. The plan was to play all of these shows with our friends in Sintonik, however, I just learned this morning that they are having what I can only call "lineup issues" and they have had to pull out of tomorrows show and the rest of these shows, well.... we do not know yet.

We all hate to hear that they are having problems, they are a great band and we like them a lot and have been looking forward to playing these shows with them.

We have shows scheduled through February, with only one weekend off. Once we make it through that, I really don't know what is going to be next.

There are some things we are working on but nothing has yet been solidified. As always, once we know what is going on we will be announcing it.

We do want to thank everyone who has came out to support us live and those who have visited our sites and listened to our music and everything else you guys (and girls) do for us.

I hate to refer to people as "fans" because that takes away some of the personal aspect of it, instead I think we refer to them as friends and family.

Getting ready to hit the road

We decided to take a little time off for the holidays and in true Artifas style we couldn't sit still to long. We didn't go to crazy but we did book a short weekend run in Alabama and Tennessee. I guess we all go a little to crazy if we sit around and don't play for to long.

We are working on getting out on the road a lot more in January and February, again mainly through the south. We still don't have the dates booked for sure but hope to get those up as soon as we can. Another thing we seem to be good at is waiting until the last possible second before we do the things that need to get done.... like book this tour!

We are playing in Louisville on New Years Eve. Should be a great show and will have at least two platinum selling artists on the bill. It looks to be an amazing night!

There is a lot of stuff going on and we will do our best to keep this sit updated. It is difficult for me because I am computerless at the moment so updating this site from my phone is a pain in the ass!


A quick update

We started working again today on the album, we recorded two more drum parts and tomorrow will get started editing and then recording the "meat and potatoes" of the songs, hopefully doing vocals and the finishing touches the following day.

Or we may decide to do drums on another one or two songs.... still don't know just yet... Either way we are all glad to be back working and are looking forward to getting this album finished!

What is currently going on with Artifas

We are trying to get this Reverbnation page up and running. We would really appreciate any help in spreading the word about this page.

We just played our second show in Nashville a couple of days ago and had a blast! We do have video from that show and will be posting it on here and on facebook as soon as we can get it all uploaded.

Well, we do have a little contest deal on facebook in order to see more videos, but that is all explained on facebook.

We are hoping to be finished with our album sometime before the end of the year.

We are also attempting to set up a little mini tour starting in mid january with our brothers in Sintonik. We are working on some dates in Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee. We may try to hit a few places in Kentucky, Mississippi and Louisiana as well. We will keep that updated as soon as we start getting confirmed dates.

We should also be able to announce a New Years show sometime within the next week, and it looks to be huge! Without giving to much away (because nothing is yet finalized) it is looking like there will be at least TWO platinum artists performing at this show!!!!

Stay tuned and I promise we will do our best to get the word out about any developments as they come along.

We already have some of the best fans in the world, thank you guys so much!