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Facebook Pain of adding Real Friends

I just don't understand why I can add any Artist or Band but when I add a local Friend that I really know, it tells me, "I am adding people I don't know". Everyone here knows everyone. Are you kidding me? Well, if you add me, I will except You Request and I will "like" your page and comment. I can "Like" and except Friend Request but not add for 30 days. I don't go adding Friends very often because of this but I just thought, I would add a few and bang! This is about the third time this has happened to me. Guess you are better off to not really know anyone, then you can add anyone you want without a problem. I am really laughing, as that is the way of the net. If I could work a site one time without problems, I would think there was something wrong with it. Have a Great Night my Friends and Smile. Steven Jr.

High Speed Internet

I really wonder about High Speed Internet in Rural Areas. HIgh speed cable and I get locked up opening web pages constantly and most of the time have to reboot the computer or reboot the router. Of course, it could be having overhead cable lines that I can't see them ever being other then overhead. When I do a wireless scan, I sure see a lot of others. Even though heavy firewall, I just wonder how many others are watching Netflixs on my Internet. I was getting 150Mpbs+ now I am lucky to get 54Mpbs many times during the day. Oh well, just another thing you have to deal with if you want that Good Old Country Living.

Hello my Friends

I got hacked while gone on FB and they must have clicked a lot of adds that got blocked anyway. I am suspended from adding for 30 days. I can "Like" and Confirm your add if you add me. I have had some very serious Family Illnesses with many Hospital stays over the last year which has kept me from coming back on. I am not doing any performances except any Fund Raisers that come up until the Holiday Season. I am trying to be online a much as possible so I am also not going to be working on my Originals if I do not have the time. They are the last thing on my mind right now as they are not what expect to do Live at the time. In the Future maybe. I will be on here as often as I can and will be listening to Your Great Musical Work. If I record anything right now it will be songs that I actually perform live, that I don't have to work on. I am Hoping that I can have some Original Work out by the end of this year. I have been over to Myspace and I am not to sure about what will happen with that site. Many Artists and Bands are starting all over really and I don't really care about losing over 28,000 comments but that was how I kept in communication with the people still participating. Now everyone is all over the place and People change their icons so it is hard to find them. Well, anyway, I know where You all are at, so I hope to be one here a lot. Thank You All so Much and I Hope we can have some Musical fun. Steven Jr.

Thank You

I want to say thank you all of my fans for all your support. Without you I wouldn't be who I am today.

Thank You

I want to say thank you all of my fans for all your support. Without you I wouldn't be who I am today.

New Music

I am currently recording new music and it should be up for sale by the end of the week.

fredlivincountry  (over 2 years ago)

Can't wait to hear your new songs. Saw you live before and it was Great. Will be at the Fundraiser in Williams for sure.