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Performing on the street of LA

Tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013, HOME will be back on the 3rd Street Promenade doing our thing! Last week was our first time out there and we couldn't have asked for anything more out of performance. We gained fans, sold CDs, received donations & played together for the fist time with our new members! It was CRAZY GOOD TIMES!

Tomorrow, we continue the good times as well as continue filming our web series! SUPER excited and would love for you to join us if you're in the area. If you aren't in town, I'll let you know how it went as soon as I get HOME! peace

Stephen JT James aka Tootsweet
Stephen JT James aka Tootsweet  (about 1 month ago)

Okay there is nothing like good music from Home. Home is where the heart is. GOD IS WHERE OUR SOULS SHOULD BE>share the love from home.

Welcome Home!

Last night, we had auditions for the band and God came through as he always does! Jessica Rau with her INCREDIBLE voice and even better personality and Francis Salamanca...give him a sax and it's OVER!!! They both bring energy, excitement and SOOOO much talent! Last night's rehearsal was definitely a time of welcoming family HOME!

The Adventure Begins!

The CD is released. The Summer Concert Series was a success and now, we are off and running. We will spend this fall playing around Los Angeles and surrounding areas promoting the album, and having a GOOD time!

We are currently looking for a couple more pieces to complete the band so if you are a guitar, horn or keys guy (or girl), and you like what we do, we're looking for you! Send me a message and we'll set you up for an audition.

Let the adventure begin!

HOME End of Summer Bash!

DON'T MISS OUT! Amazing Indie Music!


Jerome Holloway, Caitlin Leow, Alan Marco, Matthew Leddy...and of course, HOME!


Cover: $10

AMUSEMENT PARK ENT. 1913 Centinela Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404

NEW Contest Announcement! Hey Everybody, we are looking for songs that remind you of your best summer EVER! We will have 2 winners - the person who's song gets the most likes on the their post, and secondly, our pick. The winners will receive 2 free tickets each to Spoken Funk, one of the hottest tickets in town. The winner will be announced at the show on Saturday, August 31.

Home Debut Release!

I can't believe it's finally here! The album is complete. The iTunes release is up and it's time to have some fun! Catch us in concert beginning June 29th at the HOME Summer Concert Series! Amusement Park Ent., 1913 Centinela Ave., Santa Monica, Ca 90404 @ 8PM.