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Adele-Marina Wilding / Blog

SPRING AND SUMMER 2014: Gigs and Forthcoming EP

It has indeed been a long time since I have visited Reverbnation! Gigs have been plentiful during the past 18 months, and I am truly fortunate to be working with the likes of pianist extraordinaire Juanita Faas and the versatile multi-instrumentalist Rick Lett.

We are currently on a break due to other commitments and projects. However, we have several dates and a new promo EP recording in pre production.

We will be performing across Western Canada in the early to mid summer months. Please do check periodically for new shows. Dates are posted as they are confirmed.


Please visit www.amwjazz.wordpress.com for shows throughout Western Canada. More in the pipeline...

New Jazz Dates in the Works

Things are moving forward with live shows. For confirmed dates, please visit our blog: http://amwjazz.wordpress.com

Featured Download: Hide An Emerald

The Featured Download for this summer is a 12-year-old song, ‘Hide An Emerald’. It was written in the spring of 1999, and is a retrospective account of a relationship break-up, one year previously.

I decided to record a demo of my own songs, 10 years ago this month, and recruited two talented London musicians to accompany me: saxophonist Jules Turner and pianist/vocalist Thea Wray. We recorded three tracks, but when the time arrived to record ‘Hide An Emerald’, we struggled to capture the mood. At the time of the recording, I was going through an experimental phase with my voice, having been heavily influenced by some of the jazz-pop artists of the day (Norah Jones, Katie Melua). Although my backing was excellent, I personally could not convey the intended mood. It was my first solo demo, and I was quite meticulous in my expectations. In true British fashion, the three of us then headed to the nearest pub for a spot of lunch and some serious chill time.

Once back at the studio, we resumed our respective places. As Thea sat down on her keyboard throne, she calmly stated, “Time to relax”. The subtle, opening chords from Thea’s Yamaha open the track. Thereafter, everything else fell into place: the vocals, the dynamics, and the emotive solos in the outro from Thea and Jules.

‘Hide An Emerald’ is best enjoyed at dusk, with a glass of your favorite beverage to hand. Hope you enjoy it…


Loving Reverbnation and all of my new musical friends on here. Thanks to everybody for the love and support! Great to be at no 1 position today!