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A-Boogy / Blog

Boogy blog#5

What up world I've got allot of new music. I hope all is well with y'all. Me being from Chicago i feel I must address the senseless violence. I in no way as a artist advocate killing a dude cuz he from 10 blocks away. I hate getting calls from home about one of the guys got hit. Or worse. God bless the dead and Ball in Peace. My question today is has Chicago always been this bad or has it always been this bad?


As an Indie artist its hard to gain the support needed to succeed. Its crazy becouse people would more likely support a stranger B4 the guy the grew up with. When on the road to success it seems that the people you wanted to impress the most dont give a damn about you good news. It can be friends and family or even a lover. Maybe it your success that makes them jealous because it reminds them of what they cant be. And as for a lover not supporting its probably the insecurity that they have showing. But all in all im blessed and if you rocking wit me rock wit me if you not then fall off hater.


What is the diffrence in a hater and a friend ? These days its hard to tell. The more i accomplish the more haters i seem to have. IDK SOMEBODY LET ME KNO WHAT YALL THINK.

A-Boogy's Daily Dose 1

Wat up world. If you could meet any famous person from the past who would it be? What would you ask them ? Why did you choose them ? I guess for me it would be TUPAC, I know it may sound cliche but he died when i was 9 years old. I would ask him well IDK what i would ask. i just wanted the chance to meet him and maybe get his vantage points on the things that are happening today. So let me know.

Special Thanx

First off i wanna thank yall for takeing the time to listen to my music. I will be performing at the Bar None every tuesday so check me out. NEW MUSIC IS COMING SOON!!!! I will also being performing in the D.C area in march look out for more details. But like i said thanx and enjoy.