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My blog posts have moved

Now that I have my website my blog posts will be there. go to http://www.evanhulse.com


I'm making some good progress on getting new recordings finished. I've also booked a couple local shows in April. Lots more in the works!

I'm always making progress

So I got a video camera and I'm getting some of my song videos posted. I've finished the song rewriting process so all the pre-production is finished. Now the recording process is my main focus. 14-15 songs! are in the works, and E.P. and a Full Length. I still have to decide how much backing instrumentation I want on each songs. I'll probably put Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, and Keys on the recordings and I'll probably perform all of the parts. It should be a lot of fun. It might take awhile. I was hoping to finish it all in the next month, but these things tend to take longer than I expect.

made a lot of progress today

I think I'm all finished with the lyrical rewrites for the 9 to 10 songs that I'm going to put on my first album. Finalizing the lyrics has been a concern for me. I thought it would take a lot longer then it did. I think I'm happy enough with all the lyrics for these songs. Next I'll record some rough mixes, throw them up on sound cloud and have some of my songwriting friends critique them, then the studio!

Spinning my wheels

I have a bad habit of not staying focused on my music. I want to change that. I have a good habit of always learning new things. I also have let myself be limited by my work environment and my bad habit of being a perfectionist. I must remove these limitations. I deserve better. I work out of my bedroom so I've let the noisiness of my roommates limit when and how often I focus on recording. I need a better environment for recording and practicing or I need to accept that my current recordings are probably going to have background noises. Some soundproofing foam might help. I think that I'd get a lot more achieved if I decided to be an imperfectionist. I'm still devoted to getting more recordings finished and on the web. Ok, enough talking about what I need to do, back to doing it!! hope this helped more people than myself.

Recent Shows

The last couple shows were great! Jessica Lynne, Alison Preisinger, and Eric Miller were all wonderful performers! I was going to just focus on recording the next couple months, but I think I'll set up 2 or 3 more shows.

Playing Shows

So I've played alot of open mics this last year as a solo artist. Tonight will be one of my first full length shows. I'm excited to be playing shows now. I've got my setlist figured out and I practiced a bunch. I'm ready for tonight!

who wants to play music with me.

I'm performing as a singer/songwriter at this point, but I'd like to fill out my sound with some other musicians. I'm looking for: -a minimalist indie drummer / sample programmer -a guitarist (electric and accoustic) -a keyboardist (with electric piano sounds) and -a bass player. If you want to play music with me, send me a message about it.

The recording process

I have a pretty good recording of feel good blues uploaded to my reverb nation page. I'll get a better version on here as soon as I can. I can tell I need to record the vocals again and remix the song. I want to get a few more songs uploaded first though.

Photographers, Videographers, and Studios

I will have to get more photos and videos of myself and my performances and interviews. I want to do some photoshoots soon. I need to set up a shoot with some photographers. I have an older video camera and I'm starting to practice videotaping myself, I don't have a way to transfer the video to my computer. I need to get one of those high definition video cameras so I can make some DIY music videos. I want to get some reviews soon, but I will probably wait till I get some more recordings uploaded.