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Live Streetz Messiah / Blog

not the industry standard

you know as artist there are certain things that are involved with this so called music industry that is just like a slap in the face. I guess the industry has no room for trendsetters anymore. you see, being different is what seperates you from the masses, and in all creates what they call your own style. Thats why we got the eminems and so forth and so on. forreal, ive lived a million lives in this one life and my music is the platform to show artist that no matter what be you. shit, im a representative of that divine 5, a father, an ex con from racial profiling, a college student, and a musician. all different worlds that have their own atmoshphere. I cant limit what the hell my subject matter is because i live it, you rather me fabricate some shit and call it hot. If you think that im sugar coating anything then you need to change your childish candy ass taste buds and realize that you need to have a more mature pallet to digest the truth. the gimmick with me is there is no gimmick, everything i talk about is truth in the purest form and maybe thats where i differ from these bubble gum ass rappers. believe me im gonna be a problem, because there is no subject that I wont touch, not one. so yeah im from the hood, yeah i feel pain, yeah i went to jail, yeah i busted guns and did all types of young stupid things, yeah i have a family to provide for, yeah im trying to get better educated, and yeah my tats mean im part of a gang, how many lives must a man die to live, all of these and more, so know that this aint no game, and if you think im soft or think that im just another one of these let me talk about all these money and drugs and cars and girl i got, then you sadly mistaken. not all my music is that serious, but everything is that serious. Recognize before you get @ me, im a different breed of artist and Im revealing the freaking truth. Im really pac, big, jay, nas, and all the greatest artist wrapped up in one frame, The Messiah, and i will strangle the industry with reality. fuck a gimmick!