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Sever the Masses / Blog

Sever'd but not for long!

Hey Broodies, Mike (rhythm guitar) from Sever The Masses here, we decided we haven't had a blog post in a while and thought what the hell. So are you ready....Here we go. You might be wondering what's going on with Sever lately, in fact, I can barely remember the last time we played a show in Sioux Falls. I can assure you we are working our hardest to get back into the scene. in the mean time, we are excited to see the review of our new album The Path Unknown in this months edition of (605) magazine. Austin Kaus from 605 gave us the review and he says some pretty cool things! Be sure to check it out!

Moving on to the "roadbumps", Sever's troubles came around April when our lead singer from the start (Tanner Bryan) decided to step down from his spot. With 4 years in the band and an album under his belt, a pretty respectable tour of duty and we thank Tanner for his time with Sever! So we've has spent most of our efforts lately searching for that certain vocalist who can fill Tanner's spot. We definitely have not given up on finding a singer and are certain that we will find one.

Along with vocalist stepping down we also had our bassit Alex Hogan step down as of recently to pursue his schooling at SDSU and live in Brookings. This was Alex's first band and he did a year and recorded an album with us, i'd say pretty good for a "rookie", haha. Although we lost Alex we are proud to say that Andy Mielitz, whose also plays for Fatal Imbalance, has joined Sever the Masses. He played bass for Sever back in its infancy so we are very excited to have Andy join the crew. He is a very talented metal bassit whose talents on the mic and the bass will help Sever further our sound. \m/ Welcome Andy with us if you would!

As far as other stuff goes, we do have our first full length album, The Path Unknown, available online, the album should we available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Zune, eMusic, etc.. its out there! We will also have plenty of albums available at our next show for $8, check em out! ALSO, if you are thinking bout getting a new band t-shirt for you or your friends head on over to the Sever store, we have plenty of options to choose from and they will ship right to your door!

That should be it for Sever, we appreciate everyone's support and patience in these tough times, we will play again and it will be an all new, ready to kick some ass, Sever the Masses!

Until next time \m/

Mike Logan for Sever the masses


Hey Broodies,

Mike here from Sever, thought I would do another blog post, keep you guys updated on what's going on with Sever The Masses lately.

Currently, we are working on arranging our set for our April 30th show at Augustana, in-case you've been under a rock for the past month, this show is going to be a big event, the show will start at 3:30pm with new local band 2 FEET IN THE GRAVE * I LIKE THERE SOUND!*, next up is local veterans Idyl Exhibit , with local titans FLUXX following Idyl...then, a movie on the Sociology of Sioux Falls Metal ..m/ this will be a documentary about the local metal scene here in Sioux Falls, Erika interviewed many bands and people for this, lets show her some appreciation for her hard work she continues to do for free! Anyway, after the movie is when shit hits the proverbial fan for Sever The Masses! We play right after the movie!! We will be playing a new song or two just for this event! After Sever, Slow Motion Collapse takes the stage to rock you, and to finish off the night of metal we will see 23 Cent Solution kill the stage! Definitely a solid line up of local bands! Come check it out, the event is free, you cant get better than that!

Other than the April 30th show, we also have a show at the Vault, May 27th now! This will be a Rotten Records Showcase, so we hope to see everyone out for that! That's it for shows right now, which leads me into my next topic, recording!

Sever has been writing the album since winter and we are getting closer and closer to going into the studio! After the line up changes, we think now we have a very solid group of guys that are ready to shred! We hope to be playing some of these new songs at our next couple of shows, so don't miss it, you might not see them till the album.

Well that should be about it for Sever The Masses lately!

Sever The Masses Mike Logan

whats going on with Sevever the Masses

whats going on with Sever the Masses lately and in the future!

Hey Broodies! Mike here from Sever the Masses,

It has been a while since Sever has had a blog post and i have never done one, so ........... HERE WE GO!

Where to start? well.....Sever's main goal for 2011 is to get our album done!!!! I cant believe it has already been 6 months since we won the $5k at a regional Battle of the Bands in Watertown! With our prize money we planned to make a CD and to provide the best quality album we possibly can! From content to production this album will be as top notch as we can get it! Promised! At this point we have most of the album wrote and are just trying to finish up the writing process for this album and come up with concepts and ideas for the album! We are shooting for a good quality 10 track CD that pulls you in at the start and finally ends by kicking your ass! A good solid heavy album full of Metal!

I would also like to take this moment to welcome Alex Hogan into the band! Alex is a awesome person with endless potential and we are sure his addition to the band will be a very positive one! Alex has been playing bass for about while now, he has a unique style and is a great player. Also, this is Alex's first band too, so whenever our next show is, lets make it a good one!

Also, Sever would like to acknowledge Tim Aalbers for his time in Sever the Masses, during the past and recent periods. I didn't play with Sever when Tim played for them the first time but i was here for the second time and even-though it didn't work out, I still personally gained from him being in the band, good guy, good guitar player with some interesting leads/solos, he will be missed. Which brings it to me, I moved from the bass to guitar. I started out play guitar so naturally it was a welcome homecoming ..m/ I've had to re-learn every song on guitar, which is a bummer, but at the same time, i have definitely gained from the change. I get to see Sever through two roles, taking time to realize how the music is the same but the way the instruments play with one another, isn't!

A while ago on Severs Facebook we posted a picture my friend drew, we are now going to turn it into a shirt as it is too badass to just look at! Everyone at Sever is pretty excited to get the t-shirt made as it a great design that is definitely metal! so look for our new t-shirt coming out within the next few months!

That should wrap it all up in the world of Sever the Masses for right now! (PLUG TIME)Couple of reminders, we are on Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, ReverbNation, IndieLite Radio, soon to be on SiouxFallsRadio.com a cool new site that will cater to genre of music's that don't get played around Sioux Falls, which is very badass and i recommend checkin out! Our demo CD is available to download for free! The demo CD is also included with any shirts free as well!

Thanks and till next time Mike for Sever the Masses

p.s. also, PROPS to all the local bands and fans for their support and doing what they love to do!