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Freedom Bound - A New Plan

So the album took an unexpected turn and never seemed to surface in the time frame my previous Producer had anticipated. All in all though in the meantime I landed in another state, formed a band and somehow stumbled upon the most divine collaboration ever! The Freedom Bound team consisting of 9 individuals is formally launching a collaborative effort on the album with great passion for the cause. We are "Empowering Survivors everywhere through song." No one should be forgotten about and brushed to the side left to be a victim. It's about reclaiming your life. This team includes my 4 band members, a producer, co-producer/engineer, graphic designer, and photographer. The album artwork is also in it's infancy with super awesome plans coming to fruition in the very near future! We have something so incredible to share and can't wait to announce our progress as it seems to be moving ahead at a consistent pace! Nothing is impossible! Keep the dreams alive, all it takes is a little believing!

Freedom Bound

The album Freedom Bound is now in it's mixing and mastering stages! I can't wait to announce the release of this Domestic Violence Empowerment Album for Survivors! Watch for it coming soon!

Feeling much better!

I'm improving at a good pace with everything happening! Out playing, and dancing and just living for today! It's been a really good thing.

New projects are surfacing rapidly and there is an exciting future ahead! Stay in touch for more news =)

There is a surprise on the Horizon!

I moved back home...

After establishing a possible Career in another County, my health took a turn for the worst leaving me unable to book shows or play since around January. Problem after problem because I had Gastric Bypass Surgery and now I am suffering ill effects.

I have been seeing specialists and getting back on track slowly. But in the process I ended up single and moving back home. There was just too many health issues to bother my ex with so I am here now.

I had an awesome opportunity to get a band started and am meeting tonight for our first discussion on what is to come for us. So I am excited to have things to look forward to. This is a huge UPPER for me right now at this time in my life.

I'm hoping to continue on at a nice good pace. Thanks so much for those following my journey with music and the Gastric Bypass complications. It's been a tough road these last few months.


It has been 14 months since I started my public music career. I began online with a Youtube channel just posting to gain progress. It became something I grew to be passionate about. Writing songs.

In that 14 months, I was able to establish an online presence and great group of fans to support me along the way! I was very excited and fulfilled at that point. I felt like all my dreams came true already. I was writing singing and started booking local Open Mic Nights that were super fun!

I ended up moving to another county, and found other venues to play at Open Mic Nights because I was kind of lost without being able to play, it was something I was used to.

I found a place called Over The Mountain in Rockton, PA. And after 4 weeks, I was discovered by a most wonderful woman, Bridget Knepp! She wanted to represent me and thought that I have what it takes!

Low and behold, just 8 days after I meet this woman. I rise on the Reverb Nation National Alternative Charts from 234 all the way to 12 !!!! Shows are being booked, a Live Television Interview about my journey, and a rapidly rising fan base!

My goal from the beginning was to get my first album "Dangerous" recorded. But as time went on, song after song kept coming to mind and ultimately, now I have 5 goals! I am working currently on my 5th album!!

So now, it takes a very long time to get an album ready for release, and it is very expensive.

I managed to get my own internet domain with an Official Simply Mary Fan site running, and added a donation button. This is one way the fans can help me get my album done so we can have a HUGE party for reaching the album release goal!

I thank everyone for sticking with me on this musical journey. Lately with things happening so rapidly, I have been emotionally overwhelmed. This may not be a big thing to some, but it is my dream! Always has been, and going further than your dream, is unexplainable!

Much respect to my fellow musicians, and much respect to the fans who drive us to continue. If it weren't for fans, we would have no reason to sing!


Simply Mary

America's Got Talent Audition Update

Okay, the paperwork is filled out and the trip is planned to head to the Charlotte Convention Center in NC! I am very excited and honored to be able to get in front of some producers for the show=) If I make this round, I will move on to audition in front of the celebrity judges! Cross your fingers!

America's Got Talent

Finally things are coming together for me! It has taken 30 years of an addiction to playing and singing and tapping my feet to get here! I am auditioning for AGT on February 4th in Charlotte NC at the Charlotte NC Convention Center! Weather I make it or not, at least I got there to show them what I can do!

Also, tonight is my first night out in our local community to come out of the closet with my guitar live and raw... I'm nervous, but excited to show some people I love that I have some major things inside of me to get out! Woo Hoo!

Love and Music makes the world go round! Peace to all=)

Simply Mary