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Barbara Hills / Blog

A twenty-four track double album CD on the way! :)

Hi folks. I'm hoping to get a double album out this year. It will be a double CD package containing all twenty-four tracks of the two digital albums I've already released as 'Moon on the Moat' and 'In the Shadows of Roasting Spring'. I'm hoping this will be quite a little collectable, with an inner booklet of sixteen full colour photos of some of the inspirational walks I've taken. I am often inspired on walks and hardly ever go out into the woods without my camera! It's a joy to have an opportunity to share some of these moments and places. The double album will be in CD format only and will be called 'Moon and Shadows'. I'll post more information nearer to the release date. :)

Big Thanks!

A big thanks to Chris Duval for using my instrumental 'Woods After Rain' as the introductory signature tune for his programme 'Chris Duval Presents' on Splash Radio. www.splashradio.org

Listen before you Fan..

A plea to people - be authentic. Please. If someone who is an artist fans me here I don't automatically fan back. I go over and listen to what they do. I like most things that folks have put effort into though I don't like listening to people swearing (cussing) or being obscene. I don't think I am picky or stingey. Occasionally I meet with something that I cannot, in all honesty, say I like, even a bit. Not often. But sometimes. I would expect there are some people here who really don't like what I do. I would not expect them to fan me. Okay, I have heard the argument that if we all fan each other then everybody wins. Actually, I think all that does is to make 'fanning' totally worthless.

If I visit your profile, it is to find out more and to listen to your music. I hope you will extend the same courtesy to me because I won't be 'fanning back' those who are more interested in their ego trip number game than they are music.

Now I've got that out of my system, here's to inspiration and creativity! Let's all go out and do what we do best!

Barbara :)

MOON ON THE MOAT is out now!!

Hi folks - yes, another album is here! MOON ON THE MOAT contains twelve tracks to make you wonder and dream. This is the re-release of the tracks on 'Scapes' which can no longer be bought in that form as the label and publisher have now closed. I do hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed making it. You can preview and buy all twelve tracks as an album or separate downloads now from CD Baby and very shortly from iTunes, Amazon mp3 and a host of other online stores.

About Recommendations

Although my own music is largely instrumental, alternative classical and ambient, I do enjoy listening to lots of other kinds of music! That's why my recommendations are very varied in genre. I am always surprised by the different kinds of bands who like my stuff too - especially if their music is particularly dark and heavy , which mine really isn't. Part of me hopes that it is because everyone needs some time away from the dark and heavy! Another part of me wonders if it is just about collecting fan numbers and recommendations advertising. I don't like the statistics game. Perhaps I'm just a cynical old bat! Inspiration to you today! Barbara x